RARE! AMAZING! I LANDED BOTH BONUSES ON ONE SPIN! Big Winning on Titanic Slot Machine With SDGuy

RARE! AMAZING! I LANDED BOTH BONUSES ON ONE SPIN! Big Winning on Titanic Slot Machine With SDGuy

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AMAZING! I LANDED BOTH BONUSES ON ONE SPIN! Big Winning on Titanic Slot Machine With SDGuy [ad_2]

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  1. what language is that?

  2. I dont get why people would even make some of the hateful comments. I have seen videos by people I dont care to watch and you know what, I dont watch them anymore. But I dont comment evil crap like a little kid. SDGuy1234 I love your videos and you crack me up, Keep making them. Love ya

  3. Gawd, what a SHIT game!!!!!

  4. nice hit   dont expect that everyday..reminds me of back to back free spinns

  5. You are funny lol! Hope a lot of jackpots coming your way.

  6. i subscribed because you are so dam funny…the machine is multi bone…lol

  7. Most irritating little weirdo going. More entertaining listening to the mongoloid making noises!

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  9. That was some funny sh((&it turrets on Red Bull

  10. Hope to never see one of your videos again! "Shit on your chest"? What the fuck is going on in your world?

  11. omg are you on meth or something lol

  12. This machine eats my money every fucking time lmao

  13. can you be quite please. just shut the fuck up.

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  16. Do you have trets?

  17. lol you make me laugh…out loud..at work 🙂

  18. so funny love watching your videos

  19. You are the most annoying Gay Guy I have ever herd!!!

  20. Love your ending

  21. Americans so over stated and uneducated

  22. That machine is lame $5 bet that's all you get that sucks bad that should have been at least $1,100

  23. Get help

  24. Would enjoy watching it more if your mouth wasn't so bad. You can use other words.

  25. Jack shat on Rose's chest too.
    It soon became a floater 🙁

  26. Was this a turet's syndrome convention?

  27. sorry, for $4 this slots works bad. I have had $2 bit and had much more. It is very interested -why same looking slots pay differently?!I have had many situation when according to low bit I have had much more money and bonuses then when I place max.

  28. Ur fucking loser.. Ill smash u when i see u next

  29. You're annoying and sound like you pound Leo-ass.

  30. I subscribed, now like my comment goof

  31. fun to watch if you turn the sound off

  32. I wanted to see the shit on the chest!!

  33. That's a volume down video if ever there was one….Game music was far less annoying than your high pitched meandering screeching.

  34. this is not funny … your a diva .. your free to be what you want your life .. screw what I think and fluck me but you know what . I still think it and buddy I have to say your annoying as hell and thank god im not at the casino with you im sure you wouldnt want me there but thank god im not there .. your annoying

  35. You got bad matters. U shouldn't even post your video. Even better get ban from all the casinos! !!!!

  36. I swear you're freaking insane. You were cracking me up in this video, though. I can only handle you in small doses…meow,meow

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  38. I've never gambled but watching people videos it's seems as though you get a feel of euphoria from it and it's addictive like a drug

  39. You sound like an annoying Chris Kattan

  40. Where are you playing sd guy

  41. I'm a new sub your funny as hell

  42. That was rad!!! Your commentary makes my day!!! Haha keep on keepin on

  43. Nothing worse than sitting next to loud mouth who gets excited over every spin and constantly swearing….
    Your an idiot

  44. Your production value is amazing!

  45. Nice video fun

  46. Where did the commenter that always said WONKA! go?

  47. That was a nice win SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos !

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