RECORD HUGE WIN on Jungle Spirit — 5€ Bet!

RECORD HUGE WIN on Jungle Spirit — 5€ Bet!

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  1. Isit 7000x

  2. Huge. Congralutions

  3. What a f'in hit!!!! Congrats 😉

  4. Rrrrrralf

  5. So Kim's getting married, Mikka is getting hitched also… now with that win, you can marry your girlfriend………… awesome

  6. Mega, gönn ich dir voll.

  7. This kids luck is unreal

  8. Holy shit mate what a win biggest ive seen on nettent

  9. Wenns einer verdient hat!!! Es wurde so langsam Zeit. Freut mich für dich ♥️♥️♥️

  10. nice>>>i like it!

  11. Congratz slospinner that is insane win , youve got us all jealous !

  12. You lose everyday a lot of many slots give u 12k but you lost more than 12

  13. Sherrrr weeeeeeet

  14. ALWAYS pick Elephant!

  15. Wat the Fuck lad????

  16. Fuck!!!!!!

  17. OMFG !!!!!!! HUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!

  18. crazy

  19. Wtf!?!? U lucky bustard!

  20. Jealous is an understatement, nice win dude!

  21. First view first liked first commented.

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