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Desity has been playing the Dead or Alive 2 slot for weeks and weeks to get the wildline and when it finally happened it resulted in a way more insane win than we ever thought!

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Outro Song(if existing): Codeko — Crest[NCS Release]

40 комментариев

  1. https://vimeo.com/373369347 Whats next reason that its fake? wake up.

  2. 2:09 for ear healing!

  3. The big question now … Did leovegas actually pay that win out? Casinos are notoriously bad at paying really big wins, even though that slot is kind of like playing the lottery with no prizes other then the million to one jackpot

  4. Bravo i am happy for you tow

  5. How much money did it take to get it?? I'm curious

  6. probably cost her over 100k to get this hit lmao.

  7. Am besten nach diesem Gewinn aufhören! In kurzer Zeit werdet Ihr an meine Worte denken;-)

  8. Все бы хорошо если не фантик

  9. Inannen batage, mina shulai birmey, kutak blet

  10. if this is real why are they not living in luxury? why do they life in a poor apartment hahahhaha come on …. its fake as fuck , and people believe this and but here hard earning money to this casinos…

  11. Wow. Very well done.Awesome to watch

  12. well done guys, much love

  13. Bruuuutaaaal !!! Very nice hit. Congratulation

  14. Insane win, big gz! How many wins over 5000x do you have now?

  15. Cost her 1.5 million to get the 98k though

  16. Bravo DESI! You kill it 😉 get the Champain mate!

  17. Magic….simply magic ❤

  18. Super !!! OShte Mnogo takiva pechalbi 🙂

  19. If then else loops. Don't you just love them.

  20. Surprise motherfuckers ! </action voice>
    Grats 😀

  21. Man give me some of your luck

  22. I hit over 20 000 x on my first ever DOA 2 bonus, within my first 20 spins 🙂
    awsome hit!

  23. They don't play with their money, all is a great fake.

  24. Well done guys you both deserve this. Don't listen to the haters!

  25. Just lost 300 quid on eye of horus then watch this… fkn hell

  26. i dont think its real money that some online casino is just gna pay out 96k euro.. i mean must be some sort of wager etc

  27. happy for you!!!

  28. why you see streamers always win, if you play then you do not win those big prizes do the same stakes, but we did not win, only streamers see you win, you believe it all himself sponsored by the casino s

  29. Withdraw and never play again or in 1 year you lose your win back to those goddamn games, quaranteed

  30. Another streamer with a record win … please tell me you are all starting to see this for what it is … bullshit! #dontbelievethehype

  31. “ WE FUCKING GOT IT “ well done des congratulations. Moritz ignore the jelous creeps there so sad

  32. I was winning the guess till that win, fix I tells you fix lol. well done guys.

  33. GZ Desi once again 🙂

  34. Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Lucky german $%!$@^@;"@ congrats

  36. that's life changing money right there.

  37. Nn ci credete tutte cazzate

  38. I see that he has more luck than 1000 people together. He dy dy money and play for me

  39. Holy fuck.

  40. Hey just curious how come when you play netent you can set it too 1000 spins usually you see this on free play mode. When I play netent Max is 100 spins real for me?

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