RED PHOENIX | Bally — BIG Win! Slot Machine Bonus

RED PHOENIX | Bally — BIG Win! Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] Here’s a nice bonus win on Red Phoenix by Bally. 10 Free Games with All Wins X3. At anytime during the base game or the bonus, the Red Phoenix may swoop in and give the player some added luck (whether it be triggering the bonus feature or dropping «radiating» wild reels onto the screen). Unlike the Super Red Phoenix version of this slot machine game, this version does not feature the red envelope progressive jackpots. But check out ShinobiYT’s channel for his nice progressive win on Super Red Phoenix at the link below as well!


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  1. Basura..

  2. That was pretty good

  3. es lindo estados unidos?

  4. de de Argentina

  5. Sorry I just Now seen this Dam Damit,,Lol,,wow sorry

  6. Nice Win

  7. Haa me too ,can't help it ,lol

  8. Thank you ,Love slots

  9. Talking Stick Casino Tomorrow,,

  10. Hello Albert's
    Man you know how to pick them,we are not that lucky.
    Would love to win a nice one, but we will keep trying.

  11. What does retrigger mean?

  12. This game has brought me back up a couple of time. Great video!

  13. Very Nice! Love those expanding Wilds! How Fun! Hope to find this at our local!!!!

  14. Very nice indeedy…

  15. Nice win — over 100x!  Looks like an interesting game.

  16. LOL "Spread 'Em"  Didn't get to play this one while I was in Baltimore, looks like Bally's is putting out more game like this with those expanding WILDS, awesome win Albert

  17. nice hit 100x ill take that allday bud 

  18. Must have been a good night for you Albert. Over $500 smackaroos in the machine to begin with…someone's been doing overtime at the casino Lol
    Nice win BTW

  19. Hey man, very nice bonus and good job getting those Phoenixes to spread-em for you, LOL.  Its funny that all they did was add the Red Envelope progressive to this game and that's what "Super" Red Phoenix is, SMH.

  20. very healthy bonus thanks for sharing Albert! nice $120 dollar screen. one more reel of wilds would have been perfect!

  21. Good job Albert. I have always enjoyed this game. Unfortunately, I like it better than it likes me — lol. Thanks for sharing this one. Congratulations 🙂

  22. nice albert! looks like a fun game!

  23. Very nicely done!!

  24. Oooooo I like the looks of this one and I don't like much bally

  25. This looks like a lot of fun with the wilds flying all over the place.

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