Referee knocked out by Luisao [ KO ] Fortuna Düsseldorf — Benfica Lissabon

Referee knocked out by Luisao [ KO ] Fortuna Düsseldorf — Benfica Lissabon

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Referee Knocked Out During A Friendly Match

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  1. hey sic66 you´re a real genius aren`t you ? that clown ref you think he passed out ? or you re just glad you speak english?
    Or are you just glad Hitler was german? I bet you think you re real superior like him no? He was from Austria but he was the Emperor of the Reich…The way you speak you must also think you re from a superior race anh? Go fuck yourself you NAZI !

  2. red card for referee!!

  3. Congratulations in using Google translate 😉 Too bad you used the wrong word 😛

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    Also, I am not mad for calling you an idiot. You being an idiot is completely unrelated from me being mad or not..

    Moet ik in het nederlands wat zeggen, is dat stoer?

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  14. Agreed. But that will not happen, they know all too well who to talk to in order to avoid just sanctions.

  15. England and German newspapers are pretty hard on the red player. With reason. He hit the referee. Should be made an example of, clear and simple. 2 years suspension and a warning for the club for allowing violence (we have seen similar acts of violence but against coaches, players and fans from other teams). Football needs to be credible again, so the club and this player should be strongly penalised.

  16. I suggest you learn English so we understand what you are saying… Because you make no sense at all..

  17. SIC66SIC66 you are a clown … Are the Southern Countrys and other ones that support Germans economy. Do your country save us from what? If we dont have money, who will buy your BMW or Mercedes??? And talking about this video, if you think that it was fault your a litlle lady like all germans. You talk alot…do you remember the war? Kick germans fuckig ass? and what about last euro? what have done germany against southern countrys?

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    And that's also why we have to save your asses in the economy. You fucked up, as this guy did here.

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  21. and the referee attacking Maxi Pereira u doesnt see it?
    fix the economie are u talking about footbal or economie?
    did u kill all Nazis or new Hitler is coming?

  22. Is this referee from Barcelona? Luisao touched him, but nevermind that, the ref should get an oscar next year. Great performance!

  23. So I am butthurt because I think this shit does not belong in sports? 😀 That's some fucked up logic there mate 😉

    Did you check this out from the other angle? Where can actually see what happens instead of the moment being blocked from view and people still have opinions about it without being able to see what happened??

  24. if that was nothing than u are realy blind 😉

  25. butthurt <3

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