Revenge CRUSHING!!! HUGE Win!! — Poker Vlog Ep 108

Revenge CRUSHING!!! HUGE Win!! — Poker Vlog Ep 108

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  1. Your videos are great!! Keep up the good work Brad!!!

  2. Love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  3. yo man yo mesd up the k… in the board it was a spade not the keafe

  4. When a random Justin Escalona appears in the vlog hahahah wtf couldn't believe my eyes

  5. Are there any poker rooms in Hoboken or Jersey City?

  6. Always watching you dude on my free time

  7. Love you videos ! and your jokes lol. Man you a really good player.

  8. people erroneously think that the odds of pulling a club out when you're four to the flush is higher than it is, I think because they take 1:4 twice and somehow come up with 2:4… in fact the odds are something like 30%. Jamming with bottom pair and a flush draw is probably not a spot I'd ever wanna be in.

  9. 'AKA pocket jiggetys'? I've only seen you call them that…but that's what i call them now, too lol 😉

  10. who's ever been called? "a face you can't trust" xD

  11. On average, how long are you at the table for, for most of these videos? I know it probably varies, just curious on average.

  12. Does 5/5 mean small and big blind are both $5?

  13. 8:34 Justin Escalona??????

  14. i just lost 1k at the casino so this video made me feel better lmao

  15. Your videos are the BEST I have watched. You show how your playing and your thoughts as you played not great or played very well. I LOVE your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Can i ask you if you work somewhere . Do you earn money only from poker and vlogging or you have a job?

  17. Bagi kalian yang hobi bermain di permaina judi poker online^^
    ayo nikmati sensasi bermain dengan akun Id Pro dan Id Master yang bisa memberikan kemenangan dengan mudah. Buktikan segera dengan daftar akun Id Master di ""

    Terima kasih.

  18. all in on flush draw lol.

  19. "…But my pair of 8 and my monster kicker is enough to win the whole pot…"

  20. I realy, realy like your videos. But… I dont know how to play poker…

  21. Great blog Brad when you hit the poker room do they have bad Beats!? Or just cash games..

  22. Nice queen spike bro…keep on vlogging

  23. Im new here. So just curious.. Do u play a poker as a pro?

  24. going to Montreal again sometime?

  25. 8:35 there is Justin escolona

  26. Yes, let’s go to the bar after losing thousands of dollars to share our stories of busting out on each hand lol. Gotta love poker.

  27. "Bet 9-5 -nevermind" LOL

  28. Tip better you fucking douchebag

  29. Lmao u gonna upload yet or wait till ur ad money runs out?

  30. Hey brotha, just getting into editing videos and having problems, you mind telling me what editing software you use? Any help would be appreciated

  31. Video soon?

  32. A funny thing happened Brad. I started watching your vlog loved it but you mentioned Andrew neeme quite a bit. So I checked out his vlog and loved it as well but after watching every episode and now coming back to yours I realize how much I missed you. Keep up the great work you got a real genuine likeableness to you and it brings something special to the table no one else has. You remind me that poker is fun and exciting.

  33. Anyone keen to play in Australia’s largest non unionised pppoker club. $500 nightly free rolls and a weekly $5000 freeroll. Multiple tables of nlh and 5c plo every night. Message me on telegram for details

  34. Win 1830$ that night and tip 6$

  35. i didn't think anyone could miss more flushes than me.

  36. Hey Brad, you never seem to sweat on paired boards. How do you figure out when you’re safe?

  37. Justin Escalona lol

  38. Downstream Casino in Oklahoma. Get here, soon

  39. Brad, you should start editing your chipstack in one of the corners of the video, i like following along with how much youre up or down for the day! Great vids!

  40. Regarding the Jack six of spades hand, do you think the upward inflection when you bet 95 like you were asking a question is more incentive for your opponent to call? I know you had him on a draw as well, which you were probably right on since he folded so quickly, but if he was on a draw and had middle pair as well, do you think the way you made the bet sounded weak? Do you think you always use the same tone when announcing a bet?

  41. Over bet the nines.

  42. Nice to see u book that 1 in the W column

  43. how much does a person tip?
    everything under 10$ or is it a %

  44. The real question is why can’t this run good happen in the big games? Never fails.

  45. top set of jiggities — nice

  46. Hey brad, love your videos!! Have you ever thought of putting a chip value notification in your videos for us viewers? would be awesome! Either way love your vids, keep it up!

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