Robbie Kruse — The Challenger ● Highlights: 2012/2013 ● Fortuna Düsseldorf

Robbie Kruse — The Challenger ● Highlights: 2012/2013 ● Fortuna Düsseldorf

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Season: 2012/13
Goals: 4
Assists: 9
Player: Robbie Kruse

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  1. Best player!!!!!

  2. Robby Kruse is talented classy forward. look like messi and Rooney….he is a legend in Australia!!

  3. الله ينفع به لو جاء لعميدنا ..

  4. Nice vid 🙂

  5. we could have used him this world cup hope to see you back for asia cup

  6. Best player, the Fortuna ever had!! Come back robbie

  7. He is Australia's only hope!

  8. he got a double in the bundesliga, his first start for leverkusen

  9. Kruse come back 🙁

  10. if you have watched the socceroos games this year you would not have said that

  11. i cant find it on youtube 🙁

  12. Hi!
    Since I put effort into naming all songs I use, you can find it in the very last seconds of the clip: Prinz Pi — Frühstücksclub der toten Dichter (Instrumental)

  13. what is the song in this vid???

  14. lol you serious?

  15. Robbie Kruse has the raw talent of a world class forward. Next year will be his biggest season. Yet

  16. SVB

  17. Welcome to ahli jedah .. saudi arabia

  18. Robbie <3
    Miss you at Melbourne Victory!

  19. quarri bald eingeholt^^

  20. our natural successor to kewell? hopefully he gets game time at leverkusen and some time in the ucl

  21. so selbstlaeufer geworden

  22. Brilliant video !

  23. I never knew such an awesome existed for Robbie.

  24. that was so awesome man robbie kruse its amazing

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