Roman Glory — SUPER BIG WIN + RETRIGGER — New Las Vegas Slot Machine

Roman Glory — SUPER BIG WIN + RETRIGGER — New Las Vegas Slot Machine

[ad_1] I’m VegasLowRoller and these are my slot machine win videos from casinos across Las Vegas. I may not be Vegas High Roller, but you will find plenty of Big Wins, sometimes a Huge or MEGA BIG Win, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot here.

This youtube video is of the NEW SLOT MACHINE Roman Glory by Multimedia Games. $0.50 minimum bet for an over 300X SUPER BIG WIN. Video was taken at the Sunset Station Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

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— Vegas Low Roller

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  1. It's very interesting to see your earlier videos. Same great spirit though.

  2. I made 4 $5 spins on this machine on my last trip to vegas and make $3000 🙂

  3. Hi VegasLowRoller,I just started watching your videos.What times do you frequent the casino.

  4. Multimedia games are hard, I think, but I like them when they pay off.

  5. VEGAS

  6. Where do you find all these new machines?  When I go to Vegas, it's all Oz, and gimmicky crap like the Walking Dead!

  7. your videos are entertaining. BUT, why say super big win, when its only $151.00. you deceive all of us with you false wins LOL. i was expecting like $900- maybe a handpay. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating. Just expecting more out of a Super Big WIn

  8. quick question, do you save your money up to go to the casino just curious

  9. Very nice win! I just love your videos, you are just too funny! Very entertaining. Keep it up.

  10. You make watching slots fun keep up the good videos we need more people having fun playing most of the time people are just upset when playing lol

  11. I know you asked me this awhile back, I do have a cellphone picture of my win but I know they said no filming/pictures when they saw it. What is the big deal with it anyways with casino's throwing fits about taping? I was worried they would keep my jackpot! 

  12. Boom shakka lacka!!! I enjoyed this one a lot!

  13. Some big win potential on this one … I have to get past some biases on some previous Multimedia games.  Might try it.

  14. I like that game. Wish we had it here in Oregon

  15. Awesome!! Will be looking for this game. And as always I love your commentary!

  16. Fantastic win.

  17. Sweet bonus sir! This game has crazy potential.

  18. "Boom Shacka-Lacka" lol  Nice one!

  19. Nice man. BOOM SHAKALAKA

  20. Great bonus!! Hearing your reactions is always very entertaining! 🙂

  21. Excellent Win!! 🙂

  22. Nice win! I used to play this a lot at my local. Best hit I had was betting $2 in free play first spin I hit the bonus. I won $750, it was very exciting. Any ways thanks for sharing. This slot does have potential.

  23. Just a suggestion.. it kind of sucks you put "super big win" and "retrigger" in the title. Takes away from the excitement as a viewer.

  24. Nice vid, this one looks a nice slot 🙂 nice win too 300X 🙂

  25. You gotta love BIG wins on SMALL bets. Another proof that you dont need to bet bid to get a decent win! Love it! Thank you for sharing. 

  26. Just listening to you is more entertainment than watching the slot. Haha!

  27. Great win VLR!  Alot of MMG games are low volatility, but this and its clone Stallion Spirit, you can win handpays.  I've seen that multiplier get up to 29x!  Look for Emperor's Fortune.  That's a new game of theirs, and according to its paytable…you could win up to $16,000 on it.  Not sure exactly how, but who knows…maybe you'll find out for us!

  28. Nice. If only that last spin full wild screen you got didn't slip the other wilds close! 2nd Retrigger sooooo close too for a giant mega hehe

  29. So close to 400 videos =) epic win for a second I thought you were betting $2 =p.

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