Roulette FOBT, Big Win, maximum bet at William Hill

Roulette FOBT, Big Win, maximum bet at William Hill

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  1. Can’t u see what ur filming

  2. 01:16 caming number 32 the machine said 34 …error …samtimes

  3. This i fckin retarden u play 20p or 40p on some numbers and on dome 2 3 bucks but u have only 2 or 3 profit numbers and you sad u play on other numbers 20 40 p for comfuse the machine? THAT FCKIN MACHINE U CAN COMFUSE THAT

  4. Can someone please advise that when gambling £100 , why are numbers covered with just 20p or 40p or an amount that does not even give a profit return when winning. I also dont get gambling £100 to have a £144 return.

  5. balls deep on zero and 32 but nothing on 3. clever guy

  6. I know lot's of people make a living on gambling they've got their own house and car They win too much on Roulette

  7. 100 pound a spin shouldn't have anything less than 3 quid on a number. why so many pence bets!!!

  8. Used the red black system online and walked away with £1150 after putting in only £200 😉

  9. Theres more glare than a clint eastwood western

  10. that lights a killer like

  11. my biggest win i ever hat is 5 600 $

  12. You don't back 10? Absolute pervert.

  13. I don't care if you win or lose hate people like you that do £100 stakes but then have 20 pence on numbers. Fucking idiots.

  14. that defo was real

  15. Not demo, theres a bar on top if its demo

  16. What I a retard 100 at risk and he has some of it broken up in to increments of 60p 40p so when it hits he wins 7.75 I swear Europeans have no fucking clue how to gamble !

  17. hello

  18. Mate, if this is seriously not free play STOP. Dude wtf ur spinning 100 a go and you only have 1 number with the jackpot outcome. If your doing £100. You should at least have 2 if not 3 numbers with 13.85 giving you the jackpot. Seriously give up mate.

  19. How do you know it's demo mode? why would someone video and post it on demo mode


  21. Why do bookies let these morons play free play

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