Roulette Hotel Paris las Vegas Big Win

Roulette Hotel Paris las Vegas Big Win

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  1. I think he actually lost

  2. You are the dumb ass player you won shit its what they took you dumb fuck

  3. doesnt the American vs the Euro Wheel odds explain things ironically in the world of life and politics?

  4. 3$ is a big win ?

  5. Cash value should be moved to the top, and the dealer can't push a ten stack configuration !

  6. Left handed wheel ….

  7. Idiot

  8. Jack ass.

  9. Noobs player risky big for win shiettt hahaha noobs deserve be assault on out of Street casino kkkk

  10. You cover 36 Numbers ,I am sure you win even .You need calculator before you bet.

  11. So the guy said he placed 600 dollars that time. Hadnt noticed he had red chips under also.

  12. fuck off

  13. Not a big win at all?

  14. Its like betting 250 dollars to make 20 to 50 bucks profit. I guess its a way to have fun just dont loose multiple times in a row.

  15. How much u homo?

  16. Heeeeyyy Frienddssss I Have F0undd W0roking Online Hacck visittt : —

  17. Nice big win ! you won 3 dollars !

  18. Fuck him

  19. Winning. On a number pays 36-1 so actually it is a big win if you had ten thousand dollars in chips and bet 200$ on let's say red 12 and that number comes up well 200×36= 7200 dollars that's how much you would get back and that's only the numbers if do outside bets it's just even money.

  20. Oddly satisfying watching them move the chips around

  21. it looks very impressive. That is until you take into account the chip win/loss ratio. All the chips not on the ONE winning number went back to the casino. He may have made a SMALL profit here.

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