S1:E11 WMS Monday "FINALE" Full Screen Magic at the World Casino!

S1:E11 WMS Monday "FINALE" Full Screen Magic at the World Casino!

[ad_1] All of these videos are from one night at Winstar World Casino. It was such an amazing night I had to make it the finale for season 1 of WMS Mondays. I hope ya’ll have enjoyed what we did with our WMS series and we hope to be back soon with season 2.

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King of Africa
Mystical Unicorn
Nordic Spirit
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Ross Bybee is a high rolling poker player who also loves high limit slot machines. He shares his videos of slot machine wins from casinos across the country and around the world. Join me and you will find plenty of MEGA BIG WINS, sometimes INSANE Bonuses, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot. If you’re looking for him in the casino, you’ll typically find Ross playing on a bank of WMS Slot Machines or on the Lightning Links in High Limit! If you have a favorite slot machine you’d like me please feel free to suggest one in the comments section.

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  1. You cracked it, that was so cool to see! Congrats!

  2. Nice retrigger on Kronos on last game to score big! Congrats Ross. Thanks for posting the fun and exciting wins.

  3. Was this on the same machine, or different machines?

  4. I'm from Germany I play sometimes in Holland Casino, Valkenburg near at the border to Aachen…. 15 Miles from Cologne.. I've played with $12 never win… for you good match win greeting from Germany Tom… sorry about my English

  5. What an awesome run…Congrats…Jim in NY

  6. Wow this is a dream hit !!!!! Congrats

  7. omg


  9. How much do u play and how often. This makes a difference i am sure.

  10. Man, i've only had this once in my life… this is BEYOND sexy my friend! on a THICC bet too!

  11. Incredible wins!!! We are going to have to hit up some WMS games for real! Yeah Buddy!

  12. Dang!Awesome video!

  13. Was this all one night????????

  14. Impresionantes premios todos, pero el de Kronos es increíble!!! Sigue subiendo tus vídeos de Williams. Quiero ver de Cirque du masquerade y Mongol Empire!

  15. That FULL SCREEN OF KRONOS is sooo rare, I think I've seen it only twice on YT in 7-8 years. Awesome hit! Your channel definitely on a different level…..Great entertainment. THANKS!

  16. Unicorn loves you!!! Lol

  17. Just an update for everyone. I will be in Shreveport for the next week so no new videos until I get back. We do have a BUNCH of series lined up to show off the 100+ jackpots i hit over 2 days at choctaw to start the year. Over $250k in jackpots!! Saturdays Happy Lantern was just the start so be on the lookout for those! Thank You again and see you in April!

  18. Ok question when u look at the stats r u looking at the line pattern on these games cause u seem to hit all the time???

  19. 5:55 Hi Ross!

  20. I love how you just highlights the bonus features and not beating around the bushes!

  21. wow. amazing. is it yesterday?

  22. That Kronos hit was the nuts!

  23. About time! I have been waiting for this! Amazing! Hell yeah thanks for sharing!

  24. I feel the unicorn and lion always hit pretty good right after the major pops, that kronos hit was amazing, been waiting to see that one, keep it up brother

  25. awesome thanks

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