Sancti Tigris Build 2018 (Guide) — Double Barreled Purification (Warframe Gameplay)

Sancti Tigris Build 2018 (Guide) — Double Barreled Purification (Warframe Gameplay)

[ad_1] Sancti Tigris Build 2018 (Guide) — Double Barreled Purification (Warframe Gameplay)

The Sancti Tigris is a mastery rank twelve duplex trigger shotgun acquired from the New Loka Syndicate for one hundred and twenty five thousand standing. It features a twenty eight percent status chance, a fifteen percent critical chance and a one point five critical multiplier. Being a pellet based weapon one option is to build the weapon for one hundred percent true status chance and this can be achieved through the four sixty sixty mods and Shotgun Savvy or three of the dual stat mods and Nano Applicator. This will result in many slashes being planted into a target as the weapon is primarily slash based.
The raw damage approach yielded mediocre results but a critical build and Hunter Munitions combo proved a bit better then expected. At the end of the day the status build was most efficient by a considerable margin.

Taking into account the specific New Loka proc the weapon doesn’t bring much over the prime version that is only one mastery rank higher which is probably the reason why not many players use the weapon. I’d love to see the Sancti Tigris be reworked in to a critical weapon so it would differentiate itself better from her big sister.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Don't quit your day job

  2. "Fantastic primary weapon"
    Its a sniper xD

    How would you call the first song from the latest Suicide Silence album? Tee-hee Prime

  3. Does anyone know if Nano-Applicator will work with toggle abilities? Like Desecrate for example.

  4. Love your videos dude… just one question. Where do you Forma all these Weapons at? Hydron? Sanctuary Onslaught? I need answers, from the absolute madman himself! <3

  5. Can you example “Nox grineer” in your next video? I find them tough. Sorry new player

  6. Do the zeinstar (thingy with disk ) pls

  7. (because I want to use mirage Prime) Swiggity swooty coming for that booty.

  8. DOOMguy Recommend it!

  9. may I ask for the reaper Prime, I have a build but sometimes I switch a little your ways

  10. Some love for my fav primary shotgun

  11. Could we get a build on the castanas / sancti castanas? I know its not a popular weapon but its a very cool one and every build out there is out of date. Thank you!

  12. Sancti Tigris CAN reach 100% true status after the buff, you just need 1 forma for Hell's Chamber, then put on Primed Point Blank, Sweeping Serration, Shotgun Savvy and 4 dual stat mods. Sancti Tigris has innate V, D and — polarities, perfectly fitting for Primed Point Blank, Shotgun Savvy and Sweeping Serration

  13. Doesn't using Transference proc Nano Applicator?

  14. So…its just worth for a little while i just skiped to the prime and with 100% status is super easy to kill high lv enemies

  15. pronounces tigris prime as tee-gris prime and they he says sancti tai- griss for sancti tigris. thats the main difference guys XD

  16. Ley I got a 56.5 sc riven should I use vig armaments or vicious spread?

  17. Sancti tigris < tigris prime

  18. Perfect timing! I just bought the Sancti Tigris last week and was curious ss to how to mod it.

  19. Loved your build for the new Catchmoon kitgun, I built one, dyed it in Fallout-esque colours and named it the 'Gamma Gun' lol, would love to see you experiment with the other kit gun variants too,. Cheers!

  20. Your build with HM bother me a bit, you could have a better result by removing blaze, both 90% elemental, and swapping them for chilling reload, a single 60/60% and bringing back hell's chambers. The status will still be enough to give you at least one viral proc for 2 shots, and the whole build would have a guaranted 2shoot on thoses heavy gunner without selling your soul to RNGesus. Now, i understand you wanted to stay on that "full damage" line but it ruins the potential of HM in this part of your build.

    Still a nice video for a new player, as always, i like how you take the time to explain at every video for them.

  21. Dude this is the first time i dont like your build. Is that really the best?

  22. Very Nice Video , Like always! , Thank you for those very good videos!

  23. A good tigris riven actually makes a difference , i got damage and multishot on mine and for a lvl 100 corrupted heavygunner it takes only one bullet , as opposed to 2 without the riven

  24. I love your videos! You've already covered most of my 'main' weapons that I use in 90% of all my missions, namely atomos. I know you aren't going through melee weapons yet, but I'd like a hirudo guide when you do choose to go through the melees. It's also one of my staple weapons so I'd like to see where you take it.

  25. Miter build ?

  26. You can also just use the basic 15% Status mod. works too… 4 60/60 and Shotgun Savvy

  27. I see DE released a Mercy skin for Trinity Prime

  28. One of my top 3 shotguns. Best mid level content shotgun, hands down. Good to see it covered!

  29. I've been told by a friend that u don't need true 100% status on the tigris prime…… I laughed XD. I already have the tigris prime, but I also want the sancti tigris

  30. Awesome as always. Then again if you mind, would you anyway go around try the Tetra(or its prisma variant) someday? I know its not a good weapon but I still want to know how bad it really is or if it is actually worth it in niche situations.

  31. Leyzar maybe try the Embolist? I think its so underrated

  32. prisma angtrum please … :3

  33. This was because of my request?

  34. Hi leyzar
    So my friend is new to warframe and is mr 5. He doesn’t know how to mod warframe and weapons and I’m really bad at explaining so I’m thinking of showing him one of these videos, Which one do you think I should show him?

  35. Could you do a build for [Vaykor Marelok]? Don't bother with the normal marelok cuz it's trash

  36. 4:05 If the point of the first build is to be new-player friendly… Shotgun Savvy still wins on two counts: 1. Cheaper/easier to acquire 2. Does the same job with less effort. For your later build though, nano-applicator does make sense.
    7:34 Also, you're forgetting a forced Corrosive proc?

  37. I hate the Tigris prime for many reasons. But the worst is how the Sancti Tigris used to be a must have, and everyone wanted it. It made the right side worth it compared to the left. But then the Tigris Prime came out and fucked every right side syndicate's platinum income.

  38. Oneshots most bosses (or at least one stage) if combined with Mag.

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