SCOTUS gives Planned Parenthood a big win

SCOTUS gives Planned Parenthood a big win

[ad_1] The Supreme Court decided not to hear two cases about state decisions to end provider agreements with Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Sorry religions extremist but you don't get to force your beliefs on everyone else. I'm not religious but I don't go around trying to take away your tax except status from you because I disagree with you do I.

  2. Doesn't get much more evil in this world than planned parenthood. State sanctioned genocide and UN sanctioned population control. The worst of humanity on display for all to see.

  3. Not surprising. After all, Kavanaugh helped hillary cover up the murder of Vince Foster.

  4. Ok, this has been said multiple times, but anti-abortion advocates continue to ignore it. Like the video says, federal funds cannot be used for abortions. Most people are going to PP to get sexual screenings, counseling, and contraceptives. Settle the F down

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