Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 225 — S7E25 — Best Of Season 7 MegaFinale!!

Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 225 — S7E25 — Best Of Season 7 MegaFinale!!

[ad_1] Volume #225 of Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions. Season 7, Episode 25!  Thanks to all that have submittted your photos here and at Scratchcard Wall of Fame and all that continue to contribute to making this great series what it is today! 

If you would like your Big Win featured on the Hall of Fame inclusion list, submit your photos with your YouTube name (you can choose to remain anonymous as well), state your in, and if can you remember the date/year you won on your ticket, include it in.

USA and Canada
$1 — $5 cost of ticket = $50 winners and higher
$10 = $100 winners and higher.
$20 and higher = $200 winners and higher

England (United Kingdom)
£40 winners and higher are eligible on all denominations

European Nations
€50 and higher are eligible — all denominations

Stormsfury777 is also on Facebook under Scratchcard Wall Of Fame! — You can submit any winner of $50 or more over there!

Thanks for Watching!  More to Come Very Soon!!
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Music Credits:
Song 1 — Silencyde — Back At It

Song 2 — Machinimasound — Battle of the Titans

Song 3 — Machinimasound — Epheremal Reign

Song 4 — Silencyde — Dead Man’s Opera

Song 5 — Ash Slater — Colosseum

Song 6 — Celestial Harmonic — At The Edge of The Universe

Song 7 — Machinimasound — Sunlight [ad_2]

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  1. Awesome wins

  2. Amazing wins ! Just letting you know I changed my channel name my friend ! Best of luck

  3. Didn't know you hit $15k in '08! SUWEEET HIT MAN! JUST WATCHING REST OF VIDEO NOW!

  4. No way!! Never seen SC made autowin for $10K on a $10 Win Big!! Usually only number to number but never seen autowin!

  5. wow so many massive manual win alls!

  6. May i suggest you do one called THE CLAIMERS CLUB!!!!!!! thanks Stormy

  7. Nice retrospective/look back at the big wins of Season 7. Looking forward to Season 8.

  8. WTG!! great content plus you got a new sub today :))

  9. MegaFinale unreal totally worth the wait. Congratulations to all of the winners 5 Million Dollar winners and not even the highest truly amazing. Thank you, Stormsfury777 as always for all of your time and effort. I'm very excited for S8 it's going to be excellent as always.

  10. $10M hit………………!

  11. Congrats on your claimer! Bout tyme huh??

  12. Hiya! Thank you for posting. Great videos.

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