Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 41 — Viewer Submissions

Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 41 — Viewer Submissions

[ad_1] Video Episode #41 of Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions. Thank you to all who have submitted your photos and all that continue to contribute to making this series a blast to produce!

If you would like your big win featured on this hall of fame inclusion list, submit your photos with your YouTube name (you can choose to remain anonymous as well), state your in, and if you remember the date/year you won on your ticket, include it in.
USA and Canada
$1 — $5 cost of ticket = $50 winners and higher
$10 — $20 = $100 winners and higher.
$25 — $30 = $200 winners and higher

England (United Kingdom)
£40 winners and higher are eligible on all denominations

European Nations
€50 and higher are eligible — all denominations

Also «Sweet Hits This Week» is ongoing and Hall of Fame wins can appear there as well if the wins falls within that week! Submit photos of your winners $50 and higher during the current calendar week and be featured on this weekly episode as well. If you also Vlogged your winner, add the video title in your submission.

Thanks for Watching! More to Come Very Soon!!

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  1. I'd flip out if I hit the life for $10,000 a week. Congratulations to the winner of that ticket

  2. I'm still looking for the Set For Life myself God willing someday as for the winners more power to you keep on playing God bless

  3. love the girls…nice touch


  5. how do I send you pics I have some big winsbalso

  6. nice video

  7. lol on the jewel 7s white pearl is actually 400 winner…

  8. why is a deal or no deal ticket out? That show has been cancelled for.many years…..odd

  9. of course someone would hit on number 33 mass lottery. Love that number

  10. Nice single match on that gold rush hope we get some of that!

  11. Those were some crazy hits. That last one definitely took the cake. Great show, man. 😉

  12. Another cool compilation! And that grand finale was on the last iteration of our NY $10M/week for life. Still a good ticket odds wise with the newer release. Besides the eye candy, love the various backing tracks. I am a guitar junkie/aficionado!

  13. Great video!! Holy Smokes, scratching a LIFE Auto Win, amazing!! Congrats to all the winners!

  14. the $10k NYL win is clearly fake

  15. very fucking nice love the girls in pvc and leather too its so sexy

  16. Awesome Auto wins . The life prize especially. Another great installment of this series.

  17. 88 viewers and 3 likes?
    Seems like the majority are bitter people with no luck in their side hahah!

  18. Our Lottery in Minnesota lowest prize under a number on a 5 dollar ticket is 5 dollars same for the 1 and 2 and 10 and 20 and 30 and 50

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