Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 50 — The Best of the Best!

Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 50 — The Best of the Best!

[ad_1] Welcome to the BEST of the BEST Hall of Fame Episode! Video Episode #50 of Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions. Thank you to all who have submitted your photos and all that continue to contribute to making this series a blast to produce!

If you would like your big win featured on this hall of fame inclusion list, submit your photos with your YouTube name (you can choose to remain anonymous as well), state your in, and if you remember the date/year you won on your ticket, include it in.
USA and Canada
$1 — $5 cost of ticket = $50 winners and higher
$10 — $20 = $100 winners and higher.
$25 — $30 = $200 winners and higher

England (United Kingdom)
£40 winners and higher are eligible on all denominations

European Nations
€50 and higher are eligible — all denominations

Also «Sweet Hits This Week» is ongoing and Hall of Fame wins can appear there as well if the wins falls within that week! Submit photos of your winners $50 and higher during the current calendar week and be featured on this weekly episode as well. If you also Vlogged your winner, add the video title in your submission.

Thanks for Watching! More to Come Very Soon!!

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  1. 10x 1.00

  2. Lol they should make a hall of hype small zero fame

  3. I can't help but feel happy for all these winners.

  4. I didn't see any Connecticut tickets. LOL. Lottery here BLOWS

  5. At 1:01:30…$10 MIL on #27? We know who that is…LOL. Anonymous? Ok.

  6. Dont ever ever buy a scratch card from austin tx…thats the texas lottery headquarters and by purpose they make sure austin stays dry..if u look up bug winning history ..houston is number the way go look up texas lottery website and see who won in three separate lottery games..yes ..houston…why i say this ..its because the big winning scratch cards end up mostly in houston or other little towns…my conclusion..and i could be theres a inside scheme going on to make someone rich …something smells fishy…if u dont believe me….look it up..research for i stop hoping for a big win in scratch cards..they let u win the small ones ..but very rarely the jackpot…not a fair despersion of tickets…everyone needs a fair chance

  7. I'm new to ur channel

  8. I like that video Stromsfury777 awesome footage, I have been winning a lot lately and I am certainly looking forward to even bigger wins and I play responsibly, always. Diana Tobin.

  9. were exactly was the thumbnail? I WANTED TO SHOW THAT TICKET TO MY BRO!

  10. Did I just watch that whole thing

  11. Everywhere but Illinois where the lottery originated because Illinois is a lottery cheat state..don't buy Illinois lottery, it's a fucking ripoff!!!

  12. the best numbers for lotteries and their perfect combination, subscribe to my channel

  13. Ahhh nice wins … I’ll be submitting mine next it’s coming

  14. how do I send winning tickets to your hall of fame wall

  15. Goid vids, ive been checking them out, check mine out and subscribe, id appreciate it

  16. Putmine wall of fame i found copy

  17. I bought one 20$ scratch, every saturday And I never win !! why??

  18. not florida tickets winner

  19. How can i get my winning ticket on here

  20. Did you got a super car with all that money

  21. This was great I'll hope 1 day I hit on big scratch off soon man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nice video. Well done, I enjoyed watching it. I don't gamble anymore, but it was sure nice dreaming about scratching the big winner!

  23. I live in wisconsin and have not ever won more than $20 , great wins man

  24. im in california i hit 5k on the golden ticket and just hit 10k on the 30$ dazzler best luck to everyone that plays!

  25. Excellent! Scratchers are such a thrill! Especially getting a winner on a more expensive ticket, I always think it's something big lol

  26. thanks bro

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