Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 92 — Viewer Submissions

Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame 92 — Viewer Submissions

[ad_1] Volume #92 of Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions. Thank you to all who have submitted your photos here and at Scratchcard Wall of Fame and all that continue to contribute to making this great series what it is today!

If you would like your Big Win featured on the Hall of Fame inclusion list, submit your photos with your YouTube name (you can choose to remain anonymous as well), state your in, and if can you remember the date/year you won on your ticket, include it in.

USA and Canada
$1 — $5 cost of ticket = $50 winners and higher
$10 — $20 = $100 winners and higher.
$25 — $30 = $200 winners and higher

England (United Kingdom)
£40 winners and higher are eligible on all denominations

European Nations
€50 and higher are eligible — all denominations

Stormsfury777 is also on Facebook under Scratchcard Wall Of Fame! — You can submit any winner of $50 or more over there!

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Music Credits:
Song 1 — The Enigma TNG — Crystal Black (links to his channel and video below)

Song 2 — Wontolla — Regeneration [ad_2]

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  1. "All BP winners".

  2. "Go find your losses".

  3. 200× Is insane

  4. nice video

  5. Ticket number 24 seems to be a good one to play in Missouri. Two massive hits in this vid, both on 24.


  7. Some crazy good hits there. I have been cold as dry ice lately!! Keeping the faith to break loose soon!

  8. Wow a full card of 200x multipliers!! Amazing winners in this video, these folks are blessed.

  9. that neon with all those 200x was beautiful and so were the others.

  10. Congrats to all the winners, great stuff!!

  11. Damn that 200x is insane

  12. That 200x win all is fucking ridiculous

  13. Excellent video!

  14. Arkansas/Missouri boarder is a great place to go.. Awesome fantastic winners in this episode. Congratulaitons to the winners. Thanks for uploading.

  15. OMG!!! there are winners in Ohio LOL

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