Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions — Video 18

Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions — Video 18

[ad_1] Video Episode #18 of Scratch Ticket Big Win Hall of Fame, Viewer Submissions. Thank you to all who have submitted your photos!

If you would like your nice/big win featured on this hall of fame inclusion list, submit your photos with your YouTube name (you can choose to remain anonymous as well), state your in, and if you remember the date/year you won on your ticket, include it in.

$5 and under cost of ticket — $50 winners and higher
$10 and over cost of ticket — $100 winners and higher.

Also, A new weekly episode called «Sweet Hits This Week» has been launched as well. Submit photos of your winners $50 and higher during the current calendar week and be featured on this weekly episode as well. If you also Vlogged your winner, add the video title in your submission.

Thanks for Watching! More to Come Very Soon!! [ad_2]

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  1. I ain't that lucky!!!

  2. Please give me the name of that guitar solo!

  3. 2500€ on a 1,5€ ticket is the most ive won

  4. I should add my mom's, 3 million dollar ticket here

  5. Y si te sacaste todos esos premios felicidades

  6. The music sucks. It is just too loud.

  7. Cool music, sounds like Steve Via

  8. Had to get new gmail bro!

  9. the music is so annoying

  10. How do you get your submissions? I still have pics of the $40k I won about 6 yrs ago

  11. On the big winner's = "hell no"!

  12. What's the band of these great solos!!! ???? Can you please tell me!?

  13. just sent you a big Perry,Fl. winner

  14. I think I'm about to try my luck… felln lucky lol.

  15. I use to buy BULLSHYT MISSOURI LOTTERY $30 scratch offs. all I ever hit was 1-$200, 1-$300,4-$500,1-$1000 & a handful of 100,60,50,40&30….I've lost more than I've won. I think I give not lucky enough to hit the $10,000,000 jackpot. heard $50 scratch off is coming soon…..HIGHWAY ROBBERY

  16. There was definitely a pair of pants full of poop when that 500000 come up.

  17. Damn I would have fell out on that last one…

  18. mother-in-law won 300,000 on PA Lottery Neon 9s few years ago

  19. Wow! Love seeing those big numbers!

  20. Biggest ticket I've won was about 2 months ago , I bought a $2 ticket and won $40

  21. I hit 5,000 last night!!! marry Christmas too me !!

  22. I hit 6 tickets os 25 bucks 1000 each in one year and I spent like 7000 fucking bullshit..

  23. I would love to have all that than I won't tell nobody

  24. Bull shit. don't buy tickets you'll never win you will only miss out on paying those bills you are falling behind on dreaming… they don't put winners in ft. McCoy fl or in ocala for sure. I try every friday. I spend 200 or more on these loosing tickets every Friday and only to have less money that I work so Fucking hard for. theives

  25. I'm going to send u a picture of one I hit last night $1,000 dollar winner

  26. man that music is some Steve vai shit!!

  27. here in nj somebody won 5m dollars

  28. $200 is the most I've ever won on a scratcher….

  29. Texas is not good,win only small amount.Play allways but just small hit…


  31. what were the songs? they were awesome

  32. I have a pic of a 6,000,000 winner. Would you like to see it?

  33. Those are some damn nice winning tickets. Congrats to all the winners.

  34. That 50x symbol for 500 that's a Georgia 10 dollar 50x and I think thats my winner

  35. I won 500 on a $5 ticket I'll post

  36. Great video.

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