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SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!

SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!

Check out these secrets casinos really don’t want you to find out! From blackjack secrets to tricks at roulette, knowing these things casinos are hiding from you will help you to win that big jackpot next time you go to las vegas!

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10. Free Stuff
Places like Las Vegas are all about the money. If you have limited funds but still want to gamble, a wise move is to focus on comps. ‘Comp’ stands for ‘complementary’ and it’s the casino’s way of keeping you happy, even if you’re losing.
A good tip is to bet high as your opening move. Spending a few extra dollars at the start puts you in the good graces of the casino and the comps should start flowing. For example $20 per hand for blackjack gives the right impression. Don’t do anything you can’t afford though! Also if those comps aren’t happening, ask! A little initiative on your part can go a long way. Even if you are only hanging out in a casino for the weekend, you can get all kinds of free perks!
Getting a player’s card is the right way to go. This is similar to a customer loyalty card and they are free. All you have to do is show your ID to register for one and then the casino will send you offers for free stuff using your info, usually in the form of coupons. Your info can also be used to snoop on what you get up to but we’ll go into that a bit later!

9. Money Maze
You might ask yourself how you lost all that money after a visit to the casino. Clearly Lady Luck wasn’t on your side. But it will surprise you to learn there is another major factor involved. One that operates on a subliminal level to keep you in the building and make it difficult for you to leave. This is the maze-like design of a casino, something the owners really don’t want you to know about!
The psychology of casino design is talked about by writer Bill Friedman in his book ‘Stripping Las Vegas’. Friedman mentions that the best kind of casino layout is like a labyrinth. A labyrinth made up of slot machines and other distractions. The gambler tries to find their way through this elaborate maze to get out, but a combination of short pathways and hard-to-reach exits mean it’s more likely they’ll stop to spend some more money.
Some casinos are designed like intimate spaces rather than gaming zones the size of aircraft hangars. This creates a sense of comfort along with the confusion. Add to this perks like free drinks and it’s no wonder you decided to try your luck on the Megabucks machine. You couldn’t even find your way to the exit, plus its hot as hell outside at least in Vegas, so why not stay and chill for just a little while longer…5 more bucks won’t hurt….right??

8. NORA Software
NORA stands for Non Obvious Relationship Awareness. It was devised by Systems Research & Development, a data mining company in Las Vegas. NORA is keeping a close eye on you from the moment you walk in the casino. It’s no surprise you’re going to be watched in a place with lots of money but NORA goes much further. The software gathers a wealth of personal information about players via tools such as loyalty cards. See…that’s how the getcha!!!
It then uses that info to weed out cheaters. However it can also be used to judge how valuable you are to the casino based on your activity. Big Brother is watching you!!
NORA works hand in hand with CCTV cameras and a team of experts hired by the casino. These include security pros, cryptographers and game theorists. The technology they use is like something out of a Bond movie! Playing chips are fitted with radio frequency transmitters that let experts know if the player is being sneaky with their game.
At the same time masses of information is being gathered about you. In fact you hand over much of it willingly — for example when you’re trying to get those all important comps. Some have expressed concern that this gives casinos too much power and that the information can be misused. Others see NORA software as positive for society. The security tech used by Homeland Security to fight terrorism started out in the casinos. Either way casinos aren’t that happy that you know about their snooping! But even so, we probably don’t even know the half of it.

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  1. Fucking cheatbaiting display picture that have fucking no content related to the pic

  2. Everything is a lie. The whole system is corrupted. Someone has to change everything.

  3. last years I lose 50000 dolar in morocco casino

  4. 现在赌场的科技,1.脸部对比(facial recognition) ,2. 电脑空盘 (server monitoring and change management for autochange in all tables and slot machines ), 3. 笔录电视空盘 (24 hrs CCTV monitoring), 4. AI (artificial intellengence) to control all outcomes of tables and gaming slot machines, 任何一个赌注的桌子, 老虎机都能用电脑控制,只有傻子才会相信这影片的鬼话。很可惜,只有赌鬼不知道后果,他们以为钱会从天上掉下来,我做一件好事,不要去赌场,下场都很可怜。我相信这是1000% 骗人,我做一10000%好事。Stay far away from casino for your own good. May God bless you.

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  23. Was a dice dealer for years. If a player didn't tip us, we "taxed" them. Translation: Depending on their play, every payoff was short 5, 10, 25 dollars per payoff. By the nights end, we were tipped pretty handsomely from the stiff……

  24. If you want to lose money go to casinos. If you want to spend money go to Dubai

  25. I worked with slot machines many times the trick is to wait till you know a machine has a few hundred bucks 600 or more I would say. Not your money though lol watch people play the small the bar/ casino the better. It has to pay by law it doesn't give everything back but if the guy you watch put in 3 bills doesn't cash anything out u'll probably get 100 bucks from a ten spot. It's still gambling so it might take it But your odds are better

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    I remember staying at the Monte Carlo in Vegas when it first opened back in 1996-7. As soon as you entered the building, you were GENTLY hit with a fresh, airy fragrance. They pushed that through the HVAC system. As this video states, it hides the cigarette smell. Most Tourists come from other States that have BANNED cigarette smoking in public spaces, bars, restaurants, office buildings. Smokers are PRIME customers in Las Vegas and the casinos would rather die than BAN smoking. I don't see that changing in the future as long as there are Smokers in the world.

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