Sharknado Slot Machine BIG WIN! Max Bet*Bonus!! Down to the last Spin!!!

Sharknado Slot Machine BIG WIN! Max Bet*Bonus!! Down to the last Spin!!!

[ad_1] Tried this extremely entertaining slot machine for the first time at San Manuel Casino! The bonus round on there is so much fun and has a lot of Random features that can pop up anytime! This Bonus can PAY!!!

Also the chainsaw features is super exciting! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Well, look at that! Sharks ain't evil at all. Cute animals that gives you cash. They did not rip your dollars into pieces this time! 😀

  2. Great Win

  3. Nice shark bite. Lol

  4. amazing come back!! congrats!!, last night 88 fortunes broke me up with $200 🙁 , cheers you should try more ainsworth machines the ones with the progresives like high hits or moon money etc, greetings

  5. Hey hey Sara, I bet you can tell when yur playing certain slots, you can kind of feel thyey are not paying off. I move around alot while playing. Always looking for loose machine. You too??????? just curious. Stay sweet Your the best!!!!

  6. That bonus was awesome imagine if u got 16 games

  7. Is this still in Vegas is so where

  8. Your hot and your videos are awesome hope you win big !

  9. Great game played, also love the background music, Nirvana!

  10. All these machines i have seen do well

  11. Nice win beautiful

  12. I enjoy your slot videos. Hope you WIN big big big.

  13. nice !

  14. looks like a fun game, I'd have to say the last bonus game was like watching a cat attack a fish bowl.haha jk

  15. Love the way you go for it!!!! When my funds start going down, I start decreasing my bet. I will try keeping max bet to the end. 😉

  16. Omg why always on the last spin. Nice video love it keep em coming

  17. Miss Sarah, That was just awesome. CONGRATS!!! Have you ever played whales of cash? I had a good hit on that not to long ago. Keep those vids coming I love em

  18. Having fun watching. Helps you're fit as all hell too.

  19. I lost about 300 on this game in Vegas. Fuck this game haha

  20. That was a sweeeet win. Last spin you hit the bonus and walk away with a few c notes.

  21. "Swipe the shark with your finger" 10 fury fingers goes into action LMAO. Am I trippin or is that casino that quiet and dead? Great comeback!!! =D

  22. Good job Slot Lady. We love this slot at our local casino. I recently had a bonus game that re-triggered 4 times and then during the wheel spin I would get credits and then the pelican would come and re-spin the wheel again. Was the longest bonus I ever had on a slot. This one can really pay out big. You killed it, congrats.

  23. U re cute haha

  24. Congrats on the awesome win! You are featured on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the week. You can check it out here

  25. Great wins Lady! so bad we don't have any new games from SG or Aristocrat, we hope to see a jackpot soon & thanks for videos

  26. You may be the first person in history to win money off this machine. Awesome play!!!

  27. WOW, nice bonus on your last spin! Love your channel!

  28. Hey, Sharknado was an American cinema masterpiece! Very overlooked by the academy. haha
    Cool to finally see the bonus features. I donated quite a bit playing this in Vegas and never saw one. Looks like when you hit it, it's worth it.

  29. Nice! Nothing like the last spin coming threw!!!

  30. Good win on this slot! I love this series haha.

  31. Well done awesome x

  32. nice wins congrats

  33. Who records the videos? Grabbing random strangers for that kind of thing will get you arrested usually.

  34. The bonus on this game has a lot going on very exciting…nice win…congrats 🙂

  35. I enjoy your channel. Thanks for showing so many themed slots. It is good for viewers to be able to see actual game play of new machines before feeding them money. Good luck and keep having fun.

  36. win profit & quit ❗

  37. The almost take off your pants but at the end you made some great money gratz 🙂

  38. Saved by the last spin! The pays aren't good in the base game so the money is clearly in the bonus and has massive potential great win Sarah!

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