Sherlock Holmes Slot Machine $500 in 5 minutes! BIG WIN Session! (4 videos)

Sherlock Holmes Slot Machine $500 in 5 minutes! BIG WIN Session! (4 videos)

[ad_1] The Sherlock Holmes slot machine is a content update for the 3-wheel Wheel-of-Fortune slots. This is my second Sherlock Holmes slot video, and I felt the need to play it and I’m glad I did as I went on a $500 Big Win Run! It was an almost perfect session, with an incredible run and then the bonus you want to get! Check out my original Sherlock Holmes slot video for a description on how the game plays here:


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  1. very nice win great video as always best of luck to you and it's time for you to hit the big one..

  2. This is pretty cool BPB, I really like the bonus on this one. Nice win my friend. 🙂

  3. Why are you giving away the result of your videos on your title/thumbnails? Still a great channel though.

  4. Great run! I enjoy the quality of your videos very much. Continued luck! 🙂

  5. My husband likes Sherlock Holmes more than I do. I showed him your game and he said he'd play it if he ever saw it. I'm not sure if I would — though I like the key bonus that you showed in both games. I'll give it a little time.

  6. ty for the great videos everyday

  7. Very nice wins! Congrats!

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