SHINY FAIL or BIG WIN?! Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Shiny Quest Let’s Play! Episode 2

SHINY FAIL or BIG WIN?! Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Shiny Quest Let’s Play! Episode 2

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Epic moments from our Shiny only Let’s Play!
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The Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu Shiny Quest! In this playthrough I only use Shiny Pokemon to complete the game and these are highlights from our Twitch stream! Our journey across Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee using the best Shiny Pokemon possible!

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34 комментария

  1. Im never looking at pokemon the same any more lmao

  2. Whats up adrive!

  3. Great stream

  4. Looks tough dude good luck with the rest of the series

  5. Admitted I got a shiny geodude from mt moon. Currently hunting for shiny vulpix

  6. I got my shiny Vulpix today

  7. Make a Let's go counter

  8. Dan sitting front row on the Struggle Bus. Keep pushing through though man, you got this.

  9. The strats….rip Brock hahahaha

  10. Nice shiny

  11. This seems like this takes forever to beat this game with only shinies

  12. Meowth Throws a coin

    Spearow survives

    Spearow: OH MAIWA NO SHINDERU!!!!

    Meowth: NANI!!!!

  13. Very cool shiny dude

  14. A shiny you can catch is always a win! The ones you cant is just plain fustrating.

  15. ADRive one of your best vids

  16. ADRive one of your best vids

  17. Adrive got no time to put money in the fountain. XD

  18. I can’t Wait for more videos on this

  19. I’m getting a Nintendo switch on Christmas this game is gonna be so fun the first thing I’m going for is a shiny nidoran male

  20. I really want them to make it so you can transfer into Pokémon go from this game

  21. Your luck this play through…

  22. I love how his team so far is all green

  23. I'm gonna try to get a full shiny team :3

  24. How do you get shiny

  25. Well, a shiny is a shiny XD

  26. I’m kinda early

  27. We didnt hear the classic "Let's go"

  28. First one

  29. Where is the fail?

  30. Oh saw the shiny video before this ep came out

  31. Omg this is awesome man XD

  32. 420 views…

  33. Yo

  34. I love shiny Pokemon who likes shiny Pokemon

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