SHOCKER: Criminal Justice Reform Scores Big Win

SHOCKER: Criminal Justice Reform Scores Big Win

[ad_1] The Senate on Tuesday passed a criminal justice reform bill in an 87-12 vote, overwhelmingly approving the biggest changes to the federal criminal justice system in decades.

The bill, known as the First Step Act, will take modest steps to alter the federal criminal justice system and ease very punitive prison sentences at the federal level. It would affect only the federal system — which, with about 181,000 imprisoned people, holds a small but significant fraction of the US jail and prison population of 2.1 million…

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  1. How long is this #junkie going to steal Sean Kuckooskys' mannerisms and aura for his radio flunkies??

  2. I like this step they taking because if you meet the people that's in jail on these charges, they are some good people. Hell, I was one myself and turned my life around soon as I got free. People need second chances in life because the one's who giving out the sentence commit crimes as well, they just didn't get caught yet.

  3. Something smells fishy. We follow the money.

  4. Whos for legalizing all drugs.

  5. I can’t help but think Kanye and Kim helped make this happen. They used their platform to talk about this and I think that’s super significant. I’m not much of a fan of theirs but I think that was cool.

  6. This is great, but one issue not mentioned is the Section 8 housing rules. Many released past convicts obviously come from poor backgrounds, and their families that require Section 8 housing are unable to support them for fear of losing their housing. Those restrictions need to be seriously eased.

  7. Go Further:
    Reform the 1 Million + Police Departments/Sheriff Depts.
    1. Get rid of the Discipline Side of Internal Affairs, turning it over to a Civilian Review Board.
    2. Bring in No Nonsense Chiefs/Sheriffs that will put an End to Lying, except during Undercover
    Operations and the other Nonsense: Shining Flashlights/Spotlights on those filming them/
    Expanding the Crime Scene area for the same reason — to keep from being filmed.
    3. Make Learning the Constitution a Requirement for Graduating from the Academy and have
    a Probationary Period to make sure they know it it-Inside and Out.
    4. Scale Back the Use of SWAT to its Original Intent.

    On a Closer Note — You should do Interviews with Radley Balko — (his book is Rise of the Warrior Cop)
    and Barry Cooper — (Ex DEA turned Pot Advocate)

  8. And this needs to be state

  9. Let’s thank Meek Mill

  10. The law exists to keep the powerful in check, not the small man. The small man will always be kept in check by "enforcement" agencies, what the law does is provide a line that enforcement agencies should not be allowed to cross.

  11. Become President, Kyle

  12. Amazing that we get criminal justice reform as our president is about to need it!

  13. They could have done more but I guess one extra week was a good move toward the ultimate goal.

  14. Glad to see this go passed, not as good as it should be but I’ll take any improvement in this era.
    Also, I’m kinda pissed Charles Grassley (R-IA) wouldn’t allow the STATES amendment to be added to prevent federal intervention in marijuana-legal states. If he really wanted actual justice reform, this would have been a great addition.

  15. Doesn’t change the fact that after you get out of prison your life is essentially over socially and financially.

  16. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors… It can do nothing about the state prisons…I have never known anyone go to federal prison, but I've known many in state prisons . The federal crimes are for the big time drug dealers and drug cartels….. The kid with two or three joints is still going to do 20 years in the state pen…. If they are going to do something they would shut down the commercial prisons… And outlaw slave labor prison camps…

  17. they are probably making room for future political prisoners.

  18. Thank you, Donald. Very Cool!!!

  19. So less prison time for the n-thug who got caught selling Crack with a Glock in his pants.

    Great… Just great…

  20. I was think little and maybe Trump have good plan bcs criminal investigation he start to do what he promised pull from Syria maybe next is wall but he wish to build up support from his base people who elect him and why they elect him must say if that is his plan it's very smart!

  21. Criminal Justice Reform is a libertarian issue, not a Leftwing one. Half of the Republican wing in the Senate is about 25, not 37-40. Lastly, most prisons in the US are overcrowded.

  22. The only reason they did this is beacuse FLA. voted to restore voting rights to ex-convicts. All 1.4 million of them. Remember FLA. is a swing state. I'm certain he will use this a bragging right!

  23. They didn't touch the most perverse amalgam of capitalism and fascism, the "private prison" racket. In fact, I'd bet there's at least one new funding stream, exclusively created to appease their sadomasochist cronies. I'm gonna wait for that second shoe to drop. When it comes to any GOP-involvement… in anything…. I'm agnostic af. BTW, the rich, white cokeheads just call "crack" "freebase." and cocaine is "equal opportunity." =j

  24. International law is meaningless tho

  25. Why does america have the most people in jail??? Because they are filthy people

  26. Can you do a summary on the worst and best of Trump so far or do we have to wait until the next President comes in? I need to have a short summarized video to send to my friends who say "Trump isn't that bad, he's just an idiot".
    … No. He's corrupt and evil too. And you have a lot of videos man, it's hard to find out just the important ones, economic and such.
    Anyway. You probably don't read YouTube comments. Next year I'll prove it to them cuz I already forgot most of his fuck ups. I guess his plan of doing stupid shit to hide his evil shit does work.. hmm.

    (note: I do not live in the US and that's why I don't want to invest the time myself to do this summary. If anyone has already done something similar, I'd be glad to share the link to it)

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