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Show Me The Game Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

Show Me The Game Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

IT WAS A BATTLE on the Show Me The Game slot machine by Aristocrat!

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And yes, I was victorious, as you will see in this Longplay retro slot video battle!

Show Me the Game is exactly what you would expect with a classic retro slot: the theme is funny, the game play is straightforward, and you can score that Big Win, Huge Win, or even Jackpot Handpay, with a little luck of course!

You win in the base game by landing winning combinations on paylines from left to right, either two or more symbols depending on the particular symbol. To help, wild symbols may land on all reels!

Not too surprisingly, the real fun begins during the bonus, which is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for a credit award and the Free Games Feature, where you first choose which bonus you would like to play:
25 Free Games: all wins x2
20 Free Games: all wins x3
15 Free Games: all wins x5
10 Free Games: all wins x10
8 Free Games: all wins x15

I will note that the return to the player is essentially the same for any chosen option.

In addition, if you land a scatter or wild symbol on both reels 1 and 5, you will be awarded a random credit prize of 50, 20, 15, 10, 5, or 1 multiplied by the credits bet per line, the number of lines played, and the feature multiplier!

All in all, it was a battle, but what a fun game with great potential, Enjoy!

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32 комментария

  1. Such a cool retro game with graphics and huge potential in the bonus. This was a nice long battle and you got a great reward out of it! Wow last spin was awesome for over 300 bucks that was so cool to see Tim!

  2. That's a blast from the past. Haven't seen that slot for years. Was always fun to play.

  3. Omg !! Finally the machine is paying!! Amazing!! Congratulations thanks for sharing!! Good luck

  4. YO tim check out vegas hyerollers slot machines jackpot channel hey hit big

  5. "Should I go for more spins? Nope!" Love it!
    Great perseverance and well done!

  6. One of the slots I play a lot at my local casino… it's really hit-or-miss… But when it hits it hits… especially If you pick the 8 games x 15….

  7. That’s an old game I hadn’t seen before , thanks ☺️

  8. You do deserve the bonuses, because you offer entertaining videos everyday….. Don't those machine realize that? LOL Thanks for sharing this nice old school game!!

  9. Good spot to end video and get some refreshments love these old games

  10. Hahah you said you was GUNNA crack it and crack it you did. That was an awesome session Mr BP . So impressive

  11. "I deserve the bonus!" lol, another great oldy. Thanks Tim.

  12. Hearing that tune brings back so many memories. First time I'd won 30$ and I thought I was rich as lol

  13. Whoa, my first time ever playing the pokies was on this game. But it was called 'Show Me The Money' if you got a money bag or those green $ things on reel 1and 5 you got a bonus
    Loved this game

  14. What a comeback!! These are the type of bonus games I love !! Great win

  15. Hahahaha epic battle against a formidable opponent! You cracked that effer! You showed us both "it ain't over til it's over" and "go big or go home"! Great vid, man!

  16. I'm not finished with the video. But kudos to you for picking the 15x. Because that's what I'd pick every single time

  17. Wow. Nice win. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Congratulations finally

  19. That was determination. To keep picking the 8 spins bonus blew my mind. I guess you were looking for a miracle. thanks for sharing.

  20. Determination is everything! That was a good one!

  21. More like Show Me The MONEY $$$$

  22. gotta give ya that one for persistance 😉 you had a lot more patience than i have. Nice Bonus/win

  23. Is that correct ? 200$x15=3000$ for a 5 symbol trigger during 15x free games ? Wow ! Amazing potential. Even 5 moneybags for 750$ is amazing. I’ll have to look for this next time we’re in PA as they usually have a decent selection of older aristocrat. Awesome final bonus !

  24. fantastic

  25. I thought for a long long time that this was a game for the Carnage collection — but after over 20 + minutes, you finally came through with a nice win…I guess I won't reveal how much because some viewers don't want to know until the end. This old Aristocrat came out in 2008 — and if it is always this hard to win on, I doubt if it is a popular game. I hate to burst your bubble, Tim, but I don't think frequently telling the game that you "deserved it" had any thing to do with the eventual nice win. If it does, I'm gonna start telling the machines I play that I deserve it too. Glad you finally had one that made it worth all that time and effort.

  26. One of my favourites. Love the old school. You should do old school Monday.

  27. From the ashes! From down to your last bet to up over 400, that was an incredible comeback!

  28. nice last spin .

  29. Amazing run after being down to your last bet.. love those old aristocrat games

  30. Wow! Wish my casino had this one 😉

  31. Awesomeness

  32. I enjoy all your videos! Las Vegas treats you well. Keep it up!!!

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