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SIDE BET CITY!! — New Game. First bet. HUGE WIN!!

SIDE BET CITY!! — New Game. First bet. HUGE WIN!!

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Outro Song(if existing): Codeko — Crest[NCS Release]

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  1. Evolution gaming should be banned from operating, 6 rolls today on monopoly 5 spots away from 250x and 7 spots from 100x tax was 6 spots away and it rolls 6 out of 12 possible numbers its just unbelivible it hits that tax so often that odds dont even matter anymore
    Only legit game they offer is blackjack, roulette is nothing but a game where they calculate bet amount on different section and balls lands in section that makes them biggest profit
    Card games like casino holdem etc where deck are being shufled by machine where every experienced programmer and dealer can alter profit for casino

  2. You jammy sook but well done

  3. wow, that lined up great 😀

  4. I have no idea what the fup is going on!!

  5. First? 🙂

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