SIX New Warfames, ORB Heists, Raids, Stalker Mode, More Venus Content — Q& A With DE-Scott

SIX New Warfames, ORB Heists, Raids, Stalker Mode, More Venus Content — Q& A With DE-Scott

[ad_1] Scott from DE joined us yesterday on twitch for a light hearted Q&A for 3hrs. He’s a really cool dude. We spoke about Raids ever returning, about riven disposition & stat locking. Orb spider fights are called heists internally and might be solo-able. About Riven disposition changes, melee 3.0, floofs & more. These are some of the highlights.

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  1. No devstream this week so hopefully this video helps fees you until next week lol.
    I normally try to keep videos to around 6 minutes or so but this chat with Scott went over a lot of topics worth listening to. Almost 1hr.

  2. Custom warframe's are next big thing i reckon, its logical with the way things have gone so far, melee zaws, secondary kitguns and after custom primary weapons (?) Warframe's seem right, im not shore how it may happern but that wot im thinking, maybe nidus clones with basic presets like blank chassis, systems and neoptics, maybe some old orokin with old plans for the original warframes sells blue prints?…

  3. i was laughing my ass off with the muffin part

  4. Imagine they add a new wormhile to another system..which has 15 planets with lowest lvl 100

  5. Chroma's Prime access ends Dec 18, Yeay! Finally! That Ugly dragon goes away.
    Another chance to get Mesa Prime. The only prime worth waiting for.

  6. Hi, I am new to the game. Could you please explain the trading process through Warframe Market? Specifically trading etiquette, I understand how to use the site, but when it comes to trading, I am unsure whether I am supposed to invite them or they invite me. Is there an expected place to meet for trading as well?

  7. F L O O F S

  8. Huh. This actually sounds interesting. Hopefully the next open world is either Eris or Mars.

    Because 1, we need an Infested Open World area where we can see more Kavat's than just the ones on the damn Derelict.

    At the same time Mars would be nice because we might get to meet the same faction Baro comes from.

    As for Eris, maybe the Myconians? And maybe have Nef show up just for him keeping up his title of Warframes biggest asshole?

    I say that and then I look back at Salad V… Douchebag…

    Anyways. Stalker Mode. Sounds interesting. Im thinking that it should work like this. New players should fight regular Stalker since they havent reached the War Within quest and veterans should fight Shadow Stalker.

    Regular Stalker has his Dread, Dispair and Hate weapons with his normal stats being maxed out at level 25 to level 30. Shadow Stalker has War and all his other weapons and the additional abilities War gives him plus slightly boosted stats minus movement speed and his level caps at 30 to 40 and can scale up just a tiny bit depending on what planet your on.

    And. To make things interesting, he should be able to spawn in the open world areas. Because that means he has to chase you down through a big map to kill you. Adds a predator and prey theme to it.

    As for the Raids, or Trials, I hope they come back because I never got to experiance them. And I would love to.

  9. Player controlled stalker you cannot op-out of sounds like a horrible idea. Forcing people into pvp in a pve game… what can go wrong?

  10. Hmmm… i hardly waiting for more riven slots, right now have 97/90 (yes it's true), (i want to for each weapon)
    And belive that it will be possible.

  11. If DE remove "bullet jumping" in conclave then ALOT of players will come back.


  13. Timelines?

  14. any chanels with pvp comentary?

  15. Bro could you make a video about the back story of ordis ?

  16. What are the sentinel parts you're using? I recognize the Barro wings and what looks like para carrier, what are the rest?

  17. You look exactly how you sound. God bless! <3

  18. tell him to double the kuva gain xD the only time i can progress after 1000h is when i have a booster and farm kuva, everything besides that feels pointless

  19. They'll probably make either an Infested or Corrupted open world next. I really hope they make a Corrupted open world because the high leveled players would definitely love this.

    "What about weapons? What can the Corrupted give to us?" Maybe a new way to get prime weapons? The orokin made prime shit, so finding them in the Void should be extremely grindy hint hint DE

    How could an open world in the Void actually work? Well, since we got Fortuna pretty much a year after the Plains, Railjack should be able to help us with that. If not, i have another idea.

    Maybe it will be like a void fissure and a huge relic was opened on a planet, causing the corrupted to pop up everywhere. This would be a great way to get prime weapons and warframes.

    I really don't know. An infested open world will definitely be a thing, but a corrupted one is sure a mind fuck to come up while being lore friendly.

  20. i don't know about you… but i think it would be a neat idea for them to add in Dungeons and Caves to the Open worlds… you know, like you go to one cave, and when you enter it says "Cave of th Crazed Maniac" and after fighting through a certan amount of enemies, he comes out and when you kill him, he drops a weapon part, warfram blueprint, or something interesting.

    for dungeons, have set locations for them that can either be done solo (but it would be tough) or up to 4 people.
    when you find a dungeon it says "are you sure you wish to enter the "Dungeon of the Grenier Lord"? and if you enter it, there is an NPC that rushes over to you and says something like "we failed.. to clear them… out.. you must leave.. hurry..!" and then he/she dies.

    and as you go through it, it would be tough, you will encounter a mini boss, and then later on in the dungeon you will fight a final boss.

    not sure if anyone likes this idea… but with the way Warframe is heading, going from a corridor shooter, to open world… it might be an interesting idea…. sorta like what Destiny has, but Ninja style 😀

  21. Its fine and stuff, but how did you get ayatan from rotation reward from mission :0

  22. They should make a warframe that’s forth ability is to transform into some type of murder beast it’s other abilities can be based around stacking up different buffs that can go towards the transformation when you do it


  24. I hope those heists will be soloable… I don't want to pub it.

  25. Meanwhile I am still waiting for Fortuna on the ps4.

    They need to start updating instead of this waiting

  26. What level is this? Why is it rewarding statues and endo?

  27. Nice, clem frame confirmed.

  28. i hope the orbs are super hardcore, eidolons are too easy, u can literally solo them

  29. Phantasma became one of my favorite "fun" weapons. Bose headphones bring that nasty, fat sound to my golden ears…

  30. Interviews like these are kind of rare, but they give a lot of insight into what happens behind the scenes.
    Love them!

  31. "But but Warframe has no content!!"

    I have to laugh at anyone that says that

  32. I think something they could/should do to ease the database load for rivens a bit is, remove the individual stat variance from the rivens. Like instead of like say a stat for X weapon being any decimal between +20% to +40%, it should just be a set percentage (say +30%) across the board, so when that stat is rolled on any riven for that weapon, it stays the same.

    This would greatly reduce server load from miniscule riven variance. Like instead of say 20 rivens with nearly identical stats except a percent change on one stat each requiring 20 unique entries, you'd just have 20 instances of the same riven.

  33. I think stalker should be a sortie reward

  34. One thing DE really needs to do is add an option to switch Excal’s melee to RT when using Exalted Blade. As it is, I can’t press B while using the right stick to aim. So I can either aim or melee but not both at once

  35. Would be nice if Chroma's 4 is turned into a spector like Excal Umbra's passive.

  36. Let's not do another open world map. It doesn't suit the game design and takes FAR too long to make.

  37. Muffin, Not Muffin (Bread Roll)

  38. All i hear for Riven stat locking is 'No, loot boxes Rivens make us a shit ton of money. So yeah, fuck that noise'.

  39. Liset travel and combat, and space resource farming with the liset is going to be a thing, I can feel it

  40. FLÖÖF

  41. Bringgggg trials backkkk

  42. 8 advertising breaks in an hour. Kys bitch boi!

  43. lol that chroma rework slip in xD

    i hope of those 6 frames is a spider themed frame. not like spiderman but more like an actual embodied spider.

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