Skateboard jump FAIL turns CAT into big WIN!

Skateboard jump FAIL turns CAT into big WIN!

[ad_1] Views: 470,000 Something you don’t see everyday….or ever! A CAT DOES A TRICK ON A SKATEBOARD

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  1. Amazing. So smart.

  2. I can't even get my cat to look at me when I call his name or talk to him. He does whatever he wants. How do you change that? I'm lucky he uses the litter box. Little ****.

  3. Wonderful Didga !!!

  4. I've been a fan of CATMANTOO for a year now, and I just now noticed this video. Makes me wonder what other gems I've missed.

  5. why people dislike this?

  6. Hahahaha good job didga XD

  7. Didga is such a clever pussa. So many people think cats aren't smart or trainable but they're incredibly intelligent. My cat Pixel pretty much owns our street. She has so many human friends and visits them every day, the local cafe, the offices next door, the creche… They all come to say hi to her as well and I often hear people talking to her out the front of my house. She knows just how to get as many cuddles as she feels like 🙂  I call her inside by clicking my fingers.

  8. Lol

  9. cat+skate board=u failing and cat owning u

  10. NICE!! love it 😀

  11. fake but still rlly funny

  12. Of course it was a setup! Still cool, though.

  13. That's awesome!

  14. I can't believe the stuff this cat does.

  15. I love this cat

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. this was a set up! Liar!!!!!!!! hahah

  18. Talented kitty! Love it!

  19. Complete setup, but cute all the same.

  20. Meooow!!!!

  21. That would be a good title

  22. THANKS

  23. In skateboarding terms that is a Cat Hippie Jump. (When you let you board go under an object while you jump over it.)

  24. nice

  25. I don't give a fuck if it's fake; it's cute, it's funny, and it made me smile. Win.

  26. 🙂

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