Sky Rider 2 Slot Machine — Awesome Run — Big Win!

Sky Rider 2 Slot Machine — Awesome Run — Big Win!

[ad_1] Mrs. CT sat down at this game with a $25 ticket and the machine began bonusing like crazy! These are just a few of the bonuses she had during her session where she cashed out over 10 times what she put into the machine!
The biggest win comes just after the 5 minute mark! This game is low volatility but can provide the big wins!
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  1. Sky Rider Silver Treasure is my favorite slot!!! Sky Rider2 looks even better!

  2. +CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos — Nice wins!! Thanks for playing and sharing 🙂

  3. Nice run, I really have to play this game, next time I'm at the Borgata. I gotta get my Gold MGM card since it's mLife there.

  4. That's a hard game to win at, nice video❤️

  5. very low stakes.

  6. Lol pays so BAD!

  7. i just subbed to your channel. every monday i do two shoutout videos on my channel . A regular shoutout video and a slot community shoutout. check it out as im trying to have the scratcher community and slot community support each other.

  8. very interesting this machine. I did not come here yet, I have not played yet to sky rider 1 not gives me confidence. lol!! Congrats for the wins .. !!

  9. Nice run on this machine Kathy!

  10. You are playing with pennies (.90cents) There for your prizes will only be pennies…….

  11. Love that it can hit a bonus in the bonus! Looks really fun! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great win CT! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  13. Very nice run on this one. We love a bonus within a bonus!

  14. That was so much fun to watch, congrats on the great wins!

  15. Face reveal please. You're woman sounds hot as fuck but voices are mistaken

  16. Great stomp haha!! Also didn't know you could even bonus within the bonus free spins. Fantastic run Mrs. CT Slotters!!

  17. Great run. I have not tried this machine yet i have seen it around but never had chance to get on it everyone stayed so long on it. May be next trip i have a chance. t.y for sharing.

  18. Awesome video guys!!! Haven't played this game yet, but it looks fun! And has plenty of potential from this video and others I've seen. Good job! 🙂

  19. Nice run….Will have to give it a try, had a lot of features

  20. This is a great improvement from the original. I even want to play this! Nice run & as always fun watching!

  21. I enjoy your channel and especially your enthusiasm for the slots!

  22. Beautiful session on this one.
    Congrats CT

  23. Great video, you two! I love the features of this new version. I cannot wait to find it and give it a spin! Congrats!

  24. Nice, win there CT. Good luck.

  25. Looks like a lot of fun.

  26. Awesome run y'all!!!! Really fun to watch.

  27. She`s a firecracker hahaha…..great wins…very entertaining

  28. Don't care for the sky rider series but those were some great wins. That wild screen was awesome!

  29. great videos of Ws! hehe

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