Slot Hits 123 Casino du Lac-Leamy!!! Big wins!

Slot Hits 123 Casino du Lac-Leamy!!!  Big wins!

[ad_1] Welcome to the latest installment of SLOT HITS. Our special Guest Host «Jacques Potts» takes us through all the great slotting action at Casino du Lac-Leamy located in Gatineau, Quebec (Canada). You will not want to miss the big win at the end! Plenty of fun! [ad_2]

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  1. Sylvere Dostie Good Luck Winning

  2. Me too … with any luck I will be at the G2E again this year! Good luck on your trip! Glad to hear about the recent employment!

  3. yeah, things are a lot better, with the new job and all. But it keeps me from going to 'play' as much or keeping up with watching the videos! Got an upcoming vegas trip planned, so hopefully will have a lot to upload by end of October!

  4. Hi SusieAspen … a lot of people would laugh at my methods. I really appreciate your feedback, and the fact that you like to tune in regularly! It's keeps me making these things!

  5. that was really a nice tour; your photography skills are getting better and better!

  6. If you play slots … I bet you wish they would turn the slots over a little more frequently. That SEGA horse racing game has been there forever … and surprising, it still gets lots of play on the weekend!! Thanks for posting.

  7. Thanks so much Senora … I knew you would appreciate something a little more "artistic". 🙂

  8. Thanks eydieaz … I'm so excited you posted! It's been a long time. Hope things are well with you!

  9. I'm really glad you liked it!!

  10. I appreciate that Loto Quebec makes their payback percentages public. Somehow, the OLGC avoids making their numbers public!

  11. really, really liked this video. it is a masterpiece!

  12. Nice one!

  13. Oh I really loved that one, Shamus. I'm French Canadian myself, and that brought back lots of great memories; thanks!

  14. Yes we do have a very beautiful casino indeed, with lots of restaurants and shows as well. They are actually in the middle of construction right now but you can go to the website to see what is actually happening.

  15. It's possible that with Hard Drives that have more space, and possibly negotiations with dubbing companies/local production companies, we could be seeing more and more games being available in french. However, it's up to both the gaming companies and Loto Québec.

  16. I'm really glad … thank you so much! I'm blessed it the best viewers!

  17. That would be a bit of a drive … but there is a good chance I will make the drive by next year. I'm pretty far from retired … but I try to make Vegas twice a year … and I stop at local casinos if I happen to be travelling for something else.

  18. Haha. Well … you are right. I had a number of different games in for this video, and it wasn't working for me. So, I gutted the original games, and put these in. None of these games were common back in the day … in fact, several of them were never release here! Hope things are good with you … hope we can chat sometime soon.

  19. Kind of a yesteryear tour of WMS … dig those wrap arounds!

  20. Day 1 … I left with more money … Day 2 … I left that money with them. 🙂

  21. Glad you liked the Casino …it's one of my regular places when out on business. Hope you left with more money in your pocket than you went in with! Hope you enjoyed the coffee too!

  22. Glad you liked it … and always appreciate your great feedback!

  23. Thanks kevkev … haven't heard from you in a bit … glad you liked it!

  24. Thanks … and thanks for posting a comment as well!

  25. Nice video Shamus…like always ..great wins… I enjoy your videos…. Congrats and thanx for posting.

  26. great video as usual Shamus

  27. Fun!!!

  28. Thanks … I had a little fun with it! 🙂

  29. Excellent presentation

  30. Well … I really appreciate that great feedback! I feel like I have the greatest viewers! It's cool how many comments I get in a short amount of time!

  31. Yes … I have made a fair number of visits to Rideau Carton over the years. It is a nice facility! They turn the games over a little more than Lac-Leamy as well. Glad everyone from the area is posting! That's cool. I'll have more pictures and video up soon.

  32. I didn't make it to Montreal this time. If I did, I would definitely look up Garoblows. However, Montreal has a beautiful casino. It took them a while to catch onto the low denomination movement.

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