Slot Hits 180! Casino Niagara! Nice Wins!

Slot Hits 180!  Casino Niagara!  Nice Wins!

[ad_1] Casino Niagara was a few popular destination in the early days of Ontario Gaming. The casino eventually gave the spotlight over the Fallsview Casino, but continues to exist with a smaller footprint in Niagara Falls. A wide variety of games are still available, including some old favorites! I was joined by SLOT MOLE on this adventure! [ad_2]

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  1. Go to Seneca USA much Better

  2. I had my biggest hand pay ever at Casino Niagara.  Was the very first casino I had ever walked in.  It will always be my favorite there. KABOOM! what a great game.  Miss it.  Now I know where to go! 😉

  3. Hard to watch a video full of $25 wins. No offense but those are not nice wins. Haven't ever had a bonus betting 75 cents or 90 and get less than $20.

  4. Some of those games look fun =) especially that duck game and the fireworks game. I need to work on getting more hits to send in =p So far I only have one.

  5. Love the tease for future video, ha! Can't wait to see it. As always, love your enthusiasm!

  6. nice wins but I try to stay away from olg slots though I win once every 20 visits and im not exaggerating

  7. One thing for sure.  I can always count on you to show a vid of some weird slot I'd never seen or heard of before.  That duck one looks strange. Don't think I'd play it if I ever came across it.  But thanks for sharing regardless. 

  8. Those were some nice wins.

  9. Some nice wins there thanks again for entertaining me keep em coming!!!

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