Slot * Jackpot * Wheel of Fortune Machine Slots Winner Progressive Win Cash Reno Nevada Siena Casino

Slot * Jackpot * Wheel of Fortune Machine Slots Winner Progressive Win Cash Reno Nevada Siena Casino

[ad_1] Slot Machine Jackpot Win Wheel of Fortune $1000 Cash Spinning the Wheel Reno Nevada Siena Hotel I stopped in Reno Nevada for a couple days at was staying at the Siena Hotel a really nice place and had a great room overlooking the river. Went down to the casino and decided to play one of my favorites the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. When you get the right combination it lets you spin the wheel up top for a cash price. I spun it a couple times and didn’t win much and then it happened. I hit the $1000 jackpot which is the most you can win. I was pretty stoked. I ended up playing for a litle while longer and spun it a few times but didn’t win big again.

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  1. 7:04 hahaha

  2. 聽你說明 外科一個也要。
    不澀趙雲愛QB RB阿史恩<[[此在奧斯其實在歐「ㄒㄋ PRK」癌症和獅子]]>

  3. Classy! ( U _ U )

  4. DID I miss something..The progressive is at $1.2 million. Biggest thing I saw was $1000 off a wheel spin..That's the regular game and not a progressive win…I haven't Ben to CASINO n a long time,but when I use 2go there's a WHEEL OF FORTUNE machine n the high limit room..THE WHEEL is almost as big as TV wheel..It kicked my ass&I didn't get 1 spin..N high limit it's $25 a spin but u have to make it $50 n order to play wheel.Ive done good with wheel of fortune penny,quarter and dollar machines But still wish I CUD get 2spin it n high limit room

  5. Reno machines sucks! Never going there to gamble again! Rather go to thunder valley casino

  6. Dude you're not betting enough money.

  7. I heard winning the $1000 slot is 1 out of 20,000.

  8. Enjoy watching your videos. Keep the videos coming!
    Found a new casino i love all the bonuses. Here's the link

  9. Awfully…

  10. Thats were movie with the Bronco and Monroe / Red Butler sean ?

  11. Casino games is lucky sometimes you win sometimes you lose

  12. I had an interesting session at this (Link here>>>  ) casino and I might make another deposit there. Support was good, I also really enjoyed the game selection and casino design, everything was easy to find and the lobby look was a pleasure for my eyes. Right now I don't have any reason to not recommend them.

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  14. oneownercarguy we get it holy shit

  15. hi good win

  16. gambling in canada you don't get taxed

  17. Sweet

  18. $$$ $$$
    ヘ— ヘ
    $$ヽ(^ω^ヽ)ノ $$

  19. your lucky to have one of those 98,000,000,000 dolly thanks for your video

  20. I didnt know the truckee river ran through las vegas…….

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  22. Great win! At first I thought the slot looked a bit boring, but I love that Wheel of Fortune bonus. I’ve been to Vegas, but never Reno. Is Reno worth the trip?

  23. Nice win bud!

  24. the way you want to split it, you're not computing the taxes that would be taken out 😛

  25. This is good and all but really tick me off playing luck based games, as a gamer myself i would prefer that it would be legal skill gambling, like a playing an arcade game, and the higer your score, the higer your earnings, like Vs. Super Mario bros.

  26. Nice $1000 lol

  27. Progressive win? Where?

  28. New subscriber 🙂 loving your videos and you have a very friendly voice too

  29. Gambling is bad.

  30. wish I was that lucky

  31. Wooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwqwqwqww

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  33. I was in Tunica, Mississippi and playing this game and the woman next to me hit the progressive, I believe at the time it was 1.7 million. I've never hit a jackpot on any slot machine and so I consider that to be the closest I have ever been to hitting a jackpot lol. Thanks for the video!!. I just became your 60,001 subscriber. lol

  34. OK now

  35. your a lucky son of a b####

  36. You talk too much. pay attention to the game.

  37. me want ten grand but can't get a job

  38. I want a mustang convertable if u win please buy me one

  39. lucky FUCK!!!

  40. good

  41. why did he get all those free spins?

  42. I wish I knew how to play

  43. ive seen the progressive on quarter wheel hit for 123,000…pretty cool

  44. before the machine ever hit the 3x4x5x jackpot the casino would take the machine out, the machines just bleed people dry all day thanks

  45. 90% of the time, it will land on 30 or 25.

  46. Forget slot machines. I have a gambling software that wins me 90% of my bets and earns me well over $4,000 per month net income. If you want access to it let me know.

  47. Love your commentary! Keep winning.

  48. Great win

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