Slot Queen FINALLY got a BIG WIN on Tarzan ! // Max Bet VS Slot Queen

Slot Queen FINALLY got a BIG WIN on Tarzan ! // Max Bet VS Slot Queen

[ad_1] Slot Queen goes for the big win on some tarzan slot machine . While we are all waiting for las vegas reopen after the world wide casino closures , lets check out some past videos. The las vegas mayor might be crazy, but I’m not, these are some big wins and great slot machine videos on youtube. Maybe I’ll start a las vegas vlog when it reoopens, until then, lets enjoy some slot machine big wins.

Welcome to my slot channel! I’m a mom that enjoys her getaways to the casinos playing the slots. I’ll post real life slot play that includes big wins and losses! I upload videos every day of the week and try to live stream from the casino once a week! I play in Northern CA and Reno.


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Slot Queen FINALLY got a BIG WIN on Tarzan ! // Max Bet VS Slot Queen

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  1. Great Tarzan revenge. Thanks for sharing. Love the video.

  2. I love playing this game but it can be volatile. First time I played it was at San Man when Noé and I were there for your group pull. I put in $100 and decided to try the $3 bet which is high for me and I got the free games. I didn't hit any progressives but I ended up with $1100 bonus due to a Jane line hit ×10. It was beautiful and Tarzan hasn't forgiven me since! LOL! Thanks SQ!

  3. Great video SQ. I took the weekend off of YouTube so hoping that your momma was the first to comment. This was definitely a RAM approved video receiving the coveted RAM stamp of approval.

  4. Great Video!!!!! Thanks Danielle!!!!!

  5. ???big bet. One dollar??

  6. Best revenge

  7. How do you make yourself animated?

  8. Congratulations

  9. Tarzan is not my friend.

  10. Tarzan can be such a hard game! But can be amazing if it hits!

  11. Great win! What casino!

  12. I tried Tarzan a few times. It’s a tough one!

  13. hello there sq…so I actually modeled for the graphics on tarzan …. dont I look good as a gorilla lol…nice win hope you are well !

  14. loved todays video and fantastic wins

  15. I have never played Tarzan, it always looks like a hard game to win at…..but maybe I'll have to try

  16. Yep, Tarzan doesn't like to pay- at least me… you sit in a casino, hear the tarzan yell and think what the heck, then you sit down and its nada- lol . Love the remix

  17. Tarzan is a very hard game to hit on. But that was a great hit. I don't play it much but when I do, I also say 'I hate you Tarzan '. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

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