Solskjaer, Rashford & Wan-Bissaka delighted with big win over Bournemouth | Manchester United

Solskjaer, Rashford & Wan-Bissaka delighted with big win over Bournemouth | Manchester United

[ad_1] Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Marcus Rashford and Aaron Wan-Bissaka after Manchester United’s 5-2 win over AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League.

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38 комментариев

  1. Wew

  2. That was my favorite match!!!

  3. united is the greatest one nowadays

  4. It’s crazy the difference Fernandez has made to United

  5. Glad to hear from AWB!

  6. It’s over no point to talk too much.

  7. Nobody

    M.Rashford: Emmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  8. greenwood our own van persie in making

  9. If only we can buy Koulibaly&Sancho I would fear no one including barca,real,Munich

  10. OGS on the wheel

  11. Marcus' eyes look like how they draw the cute animals in old Disney films, like the rabbits and deers in Snow White.

  12. My team united


  14. I hope this front 3 doesn’t get disturbed during the transfer window

  15. Reporter should say how many tackles awb had (the highest probably)

  16. Bissakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Still excited to be a Manchester United fan

  18. Really nice

  19. They celebrate like they won a trophy what a banter club

  20. I'm. Enjoying it. Especially the younger ones coming through. We've got some great England stars in the team.

  21. Sancho needs to come

  22. My men Mason is truly a great player on the team
    … It could have been 6,7 or 8 goals Ole exaggerating lol

  23. Opponents : lets have a match.
    man utd: So you have chosen death.

  24. Wan-Bissaka is my favourite player, or one of, so this isn't an insult, just feel like he's speaking like he's had Palace media training. Rashford speaking from the top of his head, how he truly thinks. Would like Aaron to speak more freely, not the standard answers. Amazing young boys, love this team right now. Favourite team post SAF.

  25. You should sign Thiago Alcantara @manchesterunited . A midfield of Thiago , Fred , Grealish , Mctominay , Matic , Pogba , Bruno, and Hannibal coming through is the best in the premier league and if we add Sancho to the mix the goals/assist we'd have would be the highest in the league

  26. Our defence was a bit shocking. Maguire look like he just woke out of bed. Probably his worst performance in a united shirt. Ill forgive since he normally is a rock. Its gone from a rock defence and no creatively to a shity defence and great forward/creatively.
    Hopefully it was just a bad week for the back 2 and N,Matic

  27. We've got a player here

  28. Yeueuwuw

  29. came here only to see wan-Bissaka, underrated Righ back, deserve more credits

  30. We need new defender, 2 goals mistake from defender

  31. So happy Ole's at the wheel, fantastic team , amazing club

  32. United probably deserves top 4

  33. Who thinks that Bruno will be great for Portugal??

  34. Fantastic game. Big up man utd

  35. Ole is just great man manager. He got rid of people problem. That is his biggest achievement

  36. The team had me worried couple of times but it shows how we look to overcome adversities and I'm happy with the progression.

  37. We keep the momentum going up next Aston Villa

  38. I guess its my first time hearing Wan 'spider' Bissaka talk… Silent lad he is.

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