Spartacus Slot Bonus — Free Spins, Big Win!

Spartacus Slot Bonus — Free Spins, Big Win!

[ad_1] Finally, a nice Big Win in the free spins bonus of WMS’s Spartacus slot, Gladiator of Rome. Never had much success with the Colossal Reels titles. The transferring Wild Reels usually don’t help me at all. They helped this time, but I think I prefer the newer versions like Open Kimono or Lunaris where symbols spread out instead. Taken at Bally’s in Las Vegas, NV. [ad_2]

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  1. If you play with stupid bet you'll win a stupid prize and this is a great example

  2. Betting max will give you more chances of wilds.

  3. I hate when ppl play and get these awesome hands and only bet 50 cents

  4. You think ur gonna win big on a 50 cent bet ….max bet u would

  5. Eh

  6. no, no big win. @50€

  7. if your bet r high I'm pretty sure it's a big win

  8. Even when you win, you don't really win. 100 lines all flash up and you win 20p LOL, piece of crap. Wilds pretty useless, bonus very rare.
    It's just a change machine that eats 20%.

  9. This slot is a slut.

  10. big win my ass Jackie Chan

  11. These games are very hard. I don't play them too often anymore. Lunaris does seem to be a better choice.

  12. Yeah I agree about thew rarity of a bonus on this game, I've never even hit one yet. I like Zues (the non-1000 version). My favorite game ever was Phantom of the opera, 1$ bet and I used to max it to 5$   but now I just play penny slots. cool video Shin and if any of your subscribers wants to Sub4Sub  I always subsribe back 😉

  13. i like the music. awesome wilds

  14. I hate these colossal machines, in order to get something good you need to match up the fifth reel.  Even a few lines matching up all five reels will pay much more than many lines matching up only 4 reels, as shown here.  Still, a decent win.  Congrats !!

  15. You had nearly two of the biggest payouts this machine will pay and you made $80 off of it???? If you increased your bet you would have been walking out with a hand pay and not gas money. Waste of a bonus!

  16. Congratulations on the win. I all so try to trigger the bonus but its a difficult slot to play on. I have gotten some dissent hits on it. Tank you for sharing your video and good luck to you.

  17. WTG! Excellent bonus win! I've never gotten even a 2-reel wild transfer on the bonus feature. So tough to do and you got it w. 3 reels twice in the same bonus! I was surprised too that even 4-of-a-kind w. a premium symbol didn't pay at min 100x but at least you surpassed 100X in total bonus win 🙂

  18. Way better than I've ever done!  Good to see man. 

  19. 3 wilds twice in same bonus is amazing. Terrible pays like you say. Its been available here online in Uk for ages but I never upload this game as I don't play it. Its so mean in pays lol
    Great bonus though 🙂

  20. i hate the fact that there's no "big win" animation during the free spins on colossal reels. ah well….the good music makes up for it, lol. great win.

  21. I am actually warming up to Towers of the Temple cause it takes 2 bonus symbols to re-trigger.

  22. Your win on this game is rare indeed.  If (and I do mean if) I trigger a bonus, I'm lucky to get 20x return.  Congrats on your win.  We don't have the other colossal reel version you refer to, but I have seen your videos.  I agree, I like that version much more  =)

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