SPECIAL 50€ SPIN BIG WIN OR RIP? Casino — Big bet — Max bet (Online Casino)

SPECIAL 50€ SPIN BIG WIN OR RIP? Casino — Big bet — Max bet (Online Casino)

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29 комментариев

  1. Fucking crazy, hope you gave the guy who spotted you the cash his money back and more

  2. i would say 1500 for the donator and then split for u guys 🙂

  3. Most iv won on they poxy slots is 80 pounds unreal sum peoples luck


  5. Rip dat painting 😀

  6. È bellissimo vedere questi video di super vincite sponsorizzate dai casinò…che puttanate. Vai a giocare con quel bet vedrai che sorpresa.

  7. Hi did u withdrawal money? This website not fake?

  8. Insane

  9. 137 times u say omg

  10. i dont get it, where are they streaming?

  11. Looks legit, unless he is an awesome fucking actor, nice win.

  12. i like how a random word or sentence in swedish comes out when a big win like this is happening, it`s very funny. congrats on this amazing win, "pu to the ba-blem" !! a lovely cashout. next video, a jackpot win ? 😀

  13. G'damn this made me feel sick lmao

  14. can you donate some of that money to me so i can visit my ear doctor

  15. At 3:31 i lost my hearing..

  16. Wow lol and I got 4€ on my bank account 😐

  17. Who keeps the winning from that because if casino daddy only gave him 10% like usual that would a be a massive rip off.

  18. Jesus Christ! The powers of being the son of god!

  19. Nice win but I hope you AT LEAST offer to send some of the money back his way.

  20. Hahahahaha

  21. What a nice first Spin Hit Bro. Well Done

  22. nice win jezus gg

  23. You cemented your place in my hero kingdom JBro. Amazeballs!

  24. He gave you 600 euro and you won 9000 did you give him something back ?

  25. Look what i wrote in chat right before the bonus hit. -christian_saus

  26. Amazing well done Jesus

  27. Absolutely crazy, grats Jesus! 🙂

  28. Good Juan

  29. well that was some next level of some insane fcking luck!

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