Sphinx 3D Slot Machine Bonus-Big Win

Sphinx 3D Slot Machine Bonus-Big Win

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  1. Yea that guy was kinda creepy.

  2. Great win!!

  3. Congratulations! on your win Diana. I used to play Sphinx 3D before and won about $400, but never in my wildest dream I've ever won two Jackpots in one day on this game. First I bet $1.60 didn't have enough money to bet max. I silently talked to the machine, lol,,,,,,,, and said Pharaoh I know you won't disappoint me let me win the Grand Jackpot and let show everyone how exciting this is lol, I didn't think he can hear me…..hahaha!!!! to my BIG Surprise!!!!! I won the BIG bonus Jackpot of 20,000.00 credit on the pennies machine which paid me around $3,200, and the next one I finally bet the max $4.00 and won another Jackpot but not sure why with the max bet I only won 10,000.00 credit and the game paid only $1,700???? Like a fool I went into the High limit room and got on Texas Tornado or Texas Tina? she took all of my winnings, lol. I was so tired playing on Sphinx 3D for 4 hours. My brain is not thinking straight not because I have been drinking, lol. That really sucks!!!!!! I wish someone I know with me and snap me out of it. Wake up!!!! and stop putting all my money into the machine, lol. I really enjoyed watching your videos Diana. Is fun to watch you having a good time on the slot. You are a smart slot player. I wish with my GOOD LUCK we both can play together and keep on winning. You can tell me to stop, lol. Take care!!!

  4. I played this slot today — the graphics are awesome.  I did win on this machine so not too bad!

  5. Now imagine that purple chest thing throwing wilds. With the line already set similar to that. I had it. It is beautiful

  6. Nice win! I played this game a few days ago at Hollwood Casino in Tunica. Got the bonus right away and couldn't wait for it to be over because it was making me nauseated. I didn't even care if I won anything, I just wanted out of the game — LOL! When all the coins came fying out at me at the end I kept ducking this way and that to avoid them. You really don't get a sense of how intense the 3D effect is in this video. Thank goodness I had turned off the motion chair but I wish I had known to turn the 3D off too.

  7. This game makes me dizzy

  8. Maybe the strange man brought you luck  LOL

  9. That was a pure accident at the end ……A real shocker for this machine!!

  10. congrats wooo hooo

  11. I played this in Lux last week, quite fun. I like it when the butterfly comes past lol

  12. Nice win after that little $50 win. Sweet!

  13. Nice win.

  14. Wow!  What a great win at the end there…those bonuses take for ever huh?  Fun game though!

  15. LOL What happened at the end? The credits were counting up nicely and looked to be a big win. Were you looking elsewhere at the time? Nice win!

  16. That wasn't the same guy who put his tito in ur machine at Aria was it?LOL..Nice bonus at the end..a few too many bellinis?LOL..loved seeing those coins fall for you.CHEERS

  17. Loved that final hit .great hit.

  18. How did you get away with such a cheap MAX bet? haha — it's 4 bucks everywhere else. I forgot, it's VEGAS and everything is better there. I noticed the progressives are lower because of the bet. Excellent win at the end Diana. I knew you were going to do well with the wilds already in place. That is one of my favorite bonus features. Thanks for sharing and Congratulations!

  19. Man, that is one weak "Grand" progressive.  Hell, those shouldn't be less than…a grand ($1,000) IMO.  Just last week, I witnessed a couple who on their final pick scored the Royal for $2,280.  Great hit at the end!

  20. I like that you tell us how much you put in before getting the bonus. Thanks Diana. And great win there at the end too!

  21. that weird man should be in the dictionary next to "slot cooler" — shows up and your bonus insta-sucks — good video tho 🙂

  22. great video

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