SPIN IT GRAND Slot Machine Max Bet BONUS | Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Live Play | Las Vegas Casino

SPIN IT GRAND Slot Machine Max Bet BONUS | Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Live Play | Las Vegas Casino

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22 комментария

  1. Thank you for your channel my friend. I can watch your videos anytime. Blessings to you and your family always. You have the gift to relax my mind. I will continue to watch your videos I got little behind.


  3. NG what is the name of the song?

  4. Good thing you got that one big spin payout with all the wilds during the bonus of 30 spins!!! Buffaloooo great line hit at $12 good choice to play it after Spin it Grand!!!

  5. What a rush, nice NG.

  6. I like this slot game thankyou NG

  7. why the music I like to ear you speak NG

  8. $500. Or $600 in $400 back good you went to buffalos and got more back.

  9. Hi NG I see your getting support from the other gamers that's great helps boost your winning too .Very good game spin it grand when it pays hard to get bonus nice win on Buffalo very intense again thinking oh no its a loss then bounces back best of luck for the next play

  10. Extremely thanks for music. Hate when people talk all through video!!!it takes away from entertainment!

  11. I dont like spin it grand i never get the bonus… but you played my game Buffalo's!! Yay. Good job on the wins NG..

  12. Spin It Grand sucks! You're a brave one to continue to play it. That insert music was good. ;-D

  13. nice video

  14. Good job a come back some machine are so hard to get the bonus when I play if a machine don't show me the bonus I move on to another one well I glad you got some of money back good luck win big.

  15. Whats up with the grunting fail music? Lmao. Great vid ad unusual.

  16. Spin It Grand does not really pay big wins often. You were lucky you got your $400 back. Even at $3 bets it is extremely hard to hit anything on it. I don't play it anymore.

  17. Pls no music… i like the sounds of the machine

  18. I have a love hate relationship with that Spin it Grand machine. First time I played it I put in $200 and won the Grand jackpot of almost $11K. I've played the machine maybe 10 times since, and I've sunk in about $2,500 into it, and very little on the action side.

  19. Good job Mr buffalo.lol u best happy Monday

  20. NG we always forget about spin it Grand on our live-streams
    With all those retriggers it is crazy no spin it Grand feature
    That happens to us all the time bro

  21. how come u are not taking

  22. Whats your real name Armenian guy?

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