Spiritual Project — O Fortuna | 6 Underground OST

Spiritual Project — O Fortuna | 6 Underground OST

[ad_1] Music from 6 Underground (2019) distributed by Netflix.
6 Underground (Soundtrack) by Various Artists.
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  1. Geiles Stück

  2. Felt bad SIX died☹️

  3. nice choice back to 90's old style 🙂

  4. this song should be in an final boss of borderlands 4.

  5. Que bacan , me gustaaa

  6. Love this music

  7. It was so awesome track, II’ve discovered this jewel

  8. This is my 1998 production, at the time I together with Gabriele Ferrarese and Jaymax, we went out with this project which was called SPIRITUAL PROJECT, released on DANCE POLLUTION / saifam record

  9. Thanks !! think that this production was made in 1997

  10. Hope 6 was more in the movie,7 was boring…just saying…davr franco left a big mark in small role

  11. love this action music <3

  12. Great music for a great scene!

  13. The world needs people like this. So much evil and corruption in the world.

  14. "You see any chopper!?
    'Cuz I don't see any chopper!"

    RIP 6

  15. where can i download this music please guide

  16. The best Part on a hilarious low Budget Netflixproduction…

  17. Good movie with great music!

  18. Love the song

  19. This is a 1998 remix I have on an Italian vinyl

  20. AMAZING, Imposing, Powerful, Song, Remix, Version, so Beautiful O Fortuna Oh Fortune what a Tune.

  21. I couldnt find it on spotify

  22. WOw wow

  23. Lo mejor!!!

  24. My Favourite part 2:56

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