Star Fox 64: Fortuna (Fichina) Stage: Easy Path to Sector X

Star Fox 64: Fortuna (Fichina) Stage: Easy Path to Sector X

[ad_1] Translation sources indicate that Fortuna is actually the arctic planet Fichina. This must be a translation error for the game, as Fortuna is supposed to be the name of a jungle planet, if Star Fox Assualt is to be believed. Star Fox 64 3D seems to have corrected this as a remake.

Whatever, this game’s Fortuna is more popular for Star Wolf’s official debut, anyway.


Allow the bomb to explode by not being able to shoot down the entire Star Wolf team in time. This level is actually the easiest in the game if you’re good at the C-Button/C-Stick/Right Analog Stick maneuvers.

In short, you would have to suck on purpose to go down this route, and getting its medal is mainly based on how many bogeys you can scratch before Star Wolf shows up and the quantity of the bogeys start to drop. You also get more points if you take out each of Star Wolf ASAP.

Also, note how Fox’s wingmen scold him not just for shooting or flying into them, but also for stealing their kills.

All’s fair in love and war.

Medium Path:

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  1. get out of there

  2. emergency manuevers

  3. That tracking beam was a big mistake IMO. There should have been a pro setting that did away with it. Made the game way too easy!

  4. 1:52 The sun is talking.

  5. I play this since I was a kid and I didnt know the bomb would really explode at some time!

  6. +Richard Mendoza He fails the mission because that is what the easy route is, the hard version of the route consists of star wolf being shot down.

  7. "MISSION FAILED", game!

  8. U do know u can still go to sector x even by defeating star wolf

  9. Mission Fail
    1. Where's your Death Now, Losers?
    2. Better Luck Next Time Star Fox!
    3. Looks like you were almost close!
    4. Too Bad for you Star Fox!

  10. 5:00 Music Change!

  11. I love doing a loop and making wolf say "What the heck?"
    As if he doesn't even know that maneuver

  12. My Score On Corneria: 55
    My Score On Meteo: 39
    My Score On Fortuna: 7
    Total Scores from all 3 Levels: 101

  13. Wow… It's been really a while since the last time I saw this ending.

  14. That was the point. Don't be an idiot and not read the description for that.

  15. Not protecting Slippy was just me adding a bit more insult to injury towards failing this mission on purpose.

  16. You didn't protect Slippy.

    Also, gotta love the Failed Mission theme, and this game of course.

  17. My guess is that when Andross took over the Lylat System, he hired Star Wolf to be specific bodyguards or bounty hunters against Star Fox.

  18. One time, I was about to kill the last Starwolf member until…
    Falco: I got the last one!
    Me: You little muthafakah… You cost me PTS!

  19. I always wanted to see what happened thanks =)

  20. minute 5:07

  21. niceeee one, haha 😀

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