Star Fox Assault [Mission 1 — Fortuna: A New Enemy] | TheStrawhatNO! Let's Plays

Star Fox Assault [Mission 1 — Fortuna: A New Enemy] | TheStrawhatNO! Let's Plays

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  1. Fun fact; in the japanese, slippy gets shot at 14:18 instead of Krystal

  2. I had almost forgotten the Falco snark from Adventures. "Ya wanna kill him or ya wanna pickle him? One'll take longer but it'll be funnier?" "The word for picklin is funnier, so I think we're gonna go ahead and do that. I'll laugh the whole time."

  3. I like the aparoids conceptually. Like yeah it's kind of a mix of other things but I feel like it's still unique. The audio design on them is pretty unique, too. Definitely a mix of organic and robotic, very well done.

  4. My older half-bro always liked Krystal's "enemy ship down" line and said she sounded like a pirate with it.

  5. Yeah it's not like the Team refer to Wolf as "O'Donnel."

  6. you know, in regards to making the Obvious Weakspot a trap, Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge for the SNES actually did that. When you fight the mecha spider boss, if you shoot off it's butt, it actually goes berserk and starts spamming shots, so instead you have to aim for the much smaller head and try to avoid hitting the main body

  7. Andrew sounds ASTONISHINGLY like Weird Al

  8. Do you get points for shooting down the rocks the spacebug launches? It's not quite StarFox without some contract fraud

  9. Man, Nintendo should have kept making starfox games like assault. It would be pretty cool if they took the best from 64,adventures, and assault out it in one game

  10. I love this game star fox Assault in my opinion is still a good game il play this over star fox adventure anyday

  11. I wish Namco sent Project ACES after this. Just Ace Combat the shit out of it. That goes for game design and voice direction.

  12. TRG Falco: Constnatly Victimized by Emile/chuggaaconroy

    TSN Falco: Descending from Loser Douchebag to Borderline Sociopath

  13. …What the fuck happened to General Pepper's face?

  14. Slippy is scanning the ENEMY.

  15. Krystal sold the staff on Ebay and used the money to pay for the new voices

  16. this is a great SF game….. but that final level…….. royal pain in the ass.
    Edit; @15:42 Axium Verge….. nuff said.

  17. I like to think they mainly use Krystal's telepathy to stop getting screwed on spaceship loans.

  18. You joke about watching the video at 1.5x speed, but I've been doing that for all the LPs I watch for years.

    I haven't heard what you really sound like for months now!

  19. Oikonny sounds like Mandark.

  20. 5:37 "This makes it go" "Fox, I know how to fly a ship" "Oh, wait, Krystal? Oh sorry, that was meant for Slippy"

  21. It turns out…Andross was Dr. Robotnik the whole time, and he’s not going to stop until he exterminates the entire Prower bloodline, including Fox McCloud.

  22. 4:38 Of course Falco flips into the cockpit for no reason.

  23. Imagine how weird it would be if that sax music from Adventure played whenever Krystal talked. Or Falco, pick your poison.

  24. YES! Good to see you guys in StarFox again!

  25. Man, General Pepper got hit by old age HARD.

  26. The whistling / whining during that Aparoid boss battle is true hell over headphones.

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