Star Stable with Stacy #162 — Fortuna Fjord!

Star Stable with Stacy #162 — Fortuna Fjord!

[ad_1] Welcome to our Playthrough series with YouTuber Stacy, who will play as Nova Graydawn! In this episode we get a Fjord horse and help with the preparations for the Fortuna parade!

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  2. What server are you on pls answer me

  3. Stacy what server are you on?

  4. I got a fjord and named it wild champion

  5. I’m dying for a fjord I’m only lvl 15 what lvl do I need for it?

  6. I unlocked the fjords the same day!!

  7. I’m not hating it’s just information it’s not hair it’s called a mane and I do love all your vids I subscribed yesterday and I would love to see if you get the new model friesian

  8. Stacy place what level do U have to be at to get them

  9. Keepsake Antron trout but I think you should update the rest of the Fjord horse I Would by One but I don't have enough reputation but also the gallop and the turn standing the rear and jump look kinda weird and I think you should change it but please don't change the canner and trots like the world's cutest

  10. I think you guys should update the jump the rear and the gallop keep the try and they cannot but the rest I think that you should update as well as the turn while standing

  11. i have the lvl 10 fjord that was 1475 i think that was the price and i maxed it xD

  12. “We can only dream” lol Stacy

  13. OMG gun westgrove is my best friend on the game she is the one with the new fjord horse that u saw Stacy I need to know what server u are on because I want to friend u I am Kelly eagle cake right now I am on night star I also love your new horse

  14. I have the white and the new

  15. 2


  16. The fjord I have is the darkest one and his name is obsidian shade

  17. I love this video fjord zo cutieeeee je buy more fjord pleas

  18. i have the dark fjord

  19. Stacy, if it's OK I got a Haflinger and named it Dustcherry! Sorry just LOOOVE the name!

  20. i now u have marbleheart but can u buy s white shire

  21. I got the pure grey Fjord :>


  23. Hey Stacy your videos are awesome!!!

  24. finally you have a fjord!

  25. How do you unlock to eat Epona

  26. Dustcherry is a very bad name

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