Starfox 64- Fortuna

Starfox 64- Fortuna

[ad_1] This video is a high score run; not a speed run of Fortuna. This includes breaking and getting charge bonuses off of all of the Starwolf ships when close to the ground, and having your teammates killed off before reaching the level. If you want to see how fast I can take out Starwolf (16 seconds), watch this video instead:

Wow, this video was a close call. It’s almost like the timing on killing Starwolf was EXACTLY perfect on my part. Seriously, seconds later from killing the last Starwolf ship, the HIT+10 would have been knocked down to a HIT+5.

I’m pretty happy how this one turned out (especially since this is the first of my scores that beats Nicholas Harveys on N64HS!).

Enjoy! [ad_2]

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  1. Fortunately, Slippy will return in Sector X near the end of the level, before the boss battle with Spyborg. If you save Slippy by defeating Spyborg by using lasers continually, then Fox will go to Macbeth in the medium path instead of going to Titania on the easy path.

  2. General Pepper is going to be bankrupt from all those +1s

  3. You sure do like your barrel rolls.

  4. Same here. D:

  5. I've played this game since the day it came out, I had no idea that line changed if Peppy was unavailable for this chapter

  6. You killed your wingmen so you wouldn't have to split the paycheck?

  7. Good observation. Must have missed that. I'm gonna try that next time I run through this game.

  8. Why are you're teammates dead

  9. lol, everyone is dead x)

  10. Wow, you must be really bad at this game if you've lost EVERYONE by the third level.

  11. That was totally balls off the walls.

  12. @smokeybeer1999 holy shit mind blown

  13. @Ceej64 I'm guessing this version is the PAL release maybe? I don't know what they have against his original quote but whatever lol.

  14. @sherbetstorm wow that's what I thought too! But yet I've heard that one before too. I wonder if there are different versions.

  15. "We get payed alot of cash for this!"

    WHAT THE FUCK AM I HEARING, Pigma is supposed to say "Peppy, long time no see", I am so confused…

  16. This guy playing is terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  17. Can't let you brew that, Starbucks!

  18. @kurby345 You?
    You're wrong anyway, so it's ok. Its Fichina, them accidentally giving this ice planet the name of the Dinosaur planet in the first game. Reasonable mistake, since they're about the same place on the map and similar enough names.

  19. wolf:can`t let you browse that fire fox v.2!

    leon: google chrome has ordered us to shut you down

    pigma: we`re getting a lot of updates for this

    andrew:google`s enemy is my enemy

    leon: you`re not as fast as i thought

    wolf: you`l be seeing fire fox v.1 soon fox

    andrew: bow before the great google

    wolf: (firefox minimises and reopens) what the heck?

    fire wolf: (fire fox shut downs fire wolf) we`l be browsing each other again

  20. This is actually Fechina, but who cares.

  21. This mission is about SAVING the base, not blowing it up!

  22. I believe in the publishing of the game, they named this planet wrong. I think its actually Fichina.

  23. man I remember playing starfox like 15 years ago. I was never this good. I did good at like Dr. Mario, and Uniracers but that was it lol


  25. Hell yeah man, one of the greatest of all dude… I used to play it when I was 5 years old =D
    Used to get kicked by many bosses XD

  26. Independence Day?

  27. 1:59

  28. try one where you don't kill you mates (and get hte medal)

    do you have one on sector Z?

  29. Also sadder is how he thumbs down comments mentioning that to him.

  30. Does this guy suck or what?

  31. DO a barrel roll!

  32. I don´t see any creatures on fortuna.
    On the snes Fortuna was filled with creatures living on that planet.

  33. lol im guessing you killed all ur wingmen on corneria?

  34. you must get goatse'd often.


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