[ad_1] I’m VegasLowRoller and this is my STARTING STRONG, FINISHING STRONGER ★ THE MEGA BIG WIN slot machine bonus video. Filmed @ Texas Station Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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I may not be a high roller, but you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes a HUGE WIN, SUPER BIG WIN or MEGA BIG WIN, and yes, even the occasional PROGRESSIVE or HANDPAY JACKPOT here.

Whether you’re an avid gambler who enjoys playing slots regularly or even if you never gamble and just enjoy watching the occasional video of the pokies, I hope you will find my Youtube channel entertaining.

While you may see me gambling more often on WMS or Aristocrat games, I am a fan of all slot machines and go where the bonuses take me — and that includes Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, or IGT. If you have a favorite slot machine you’d like to try my hand at, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section and I will do my best to give it a shot!

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  1. I have been a subscriber for a while and you seem very lucky! it seems like you win everytime you go to the casino! can you give me some of your luck. LOL keep winning big

  2. What is your car ?

  3. Hey VLR, what is the save the casino fund?

  4. VLR, where do you get your budget, are you a rich man?

  5. tottoos

  6. mind blowing

  7. it's hilarious when you say I think I peed on myself you should be a comedian you're freaking funny

  8. I love your videos and makes me feel like I'm actually there with you when you're taking a drive to each casinos pretty awesome keep up the good work I have my friends watching it too.

  9. I wish you could play the 77777jackpot slot

  10. lol love the sound effects

  11. love this guy! so much excitement!

  12. I was down two bucks today and bet .25 cents on whales of cash and won 144.00 because of the starfish and whales !

  13. Do u work or live by playing?

  14. Love the drive to..different and interesting. Thanks for what you do!

  15. Your channel is so much fun to watch! Hopefully someday in the future I'll be playing next to you so your commentary can make me laugh when I lose all my money. 😉

  16. Way to go! It is always exciting to win big when you are almost out of money!

  17. I enjoy watching your videos. u like your high spirit and always making cute funny noises. good luck and hope you win the jackpot soon.

  18. Congrats on the awesome win! You are featured on this week's Top 5 Slot Videos of the week! You can see it here.

  19. I really love to see your video!
    Is that ok to take some videos in casino there?

  20. I look forward to watching your vids weekly wish you could upload daily

  21. I'd love to buy you a beer bro, and see if I can have a boomshakala moment, hah.

  22. Great beginning and an awesome ending. now I feel like Doritos! Nice wins VLR!!!

  23. I liked your drive to the casino, nice seeing Vegas again! Love your videos!

  24. How do you win so much. I have been to Vegas many many times, for weeks at a time. I play slots and I never ever win. Maybe 2 or 3 times in total I have won about 500 bucks but other than that the machines to eat up my money.

  25. Beautiful almost full screen! I too donate to the save the casino fund on a regular basis — lol 🙂

  26. That was a beautiful screen at the end! I had s similar hit on Volcanic Rock Fire at Gold Coast last week (vid on my channel). CONGRATS!!!!

  27. I just love all your videos you are super funny to me I usually laugh the whole video.good job and I had no ideal you played at Texas station I love the station casinos

  28. The slot gods are good to you, Dan. Down to your last $5 , and they give you a $672 win. I guess I didn't pay enough attention — I didn't see your hairy arms or tats. You must be a biker, huh? Better watch out, these gropies will be following you home if you're not careful.

  29. I like the new intro going in the car to the casino….all the best in the new year at each casino you visit.

  30. Love the new intro, keep it up! Good luck…!!!!

  31. Hey how come you didn't pick me up on the way to the Texas?

  32. love the intro!!!!

  33. Don't you just love that music ! Good job , did like the intro also.

  34. nice, i always enjoy your visits!

  35. Boomshakalaka nice hit buddy 🙂

  36. sticking it out with my Courage in tact I get it f osho player hater Damit funny hubstwifi velile unveils mine own company favo

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