Stinkin Rich Slot — 2cent- MAX BET — SUPER BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

Stinkin Rich Slot — 2cent- MAX BET — SUPER BIG WIN! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Stinkin’ Rich Slot — 2cent — MAX BET — SUPER BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus
Here is a MAX Bet bonus feature on Stinkin Rich. I had an awesome run on this machine and this video is really out of order…but you know I like to show the best first…however, the subsequent videos are great and will be shown at a later date. I started with 100 bucks on a 2 buck bet and worked my way to MAX. I hope you enjoy the feature. November and December were exceptional months…scoring 5 Jackpot Handpays…that I will be sharing in the coming months 🙂 Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe and share. Your support is always appreciated.

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29 комментариев

  1. 350 at 5$?? man thats shitty

  2. great hit man on a gutsy bet wow

  3. y are u posting computer slots

  4. nice run and great bonus!

  5. Congrats Mike, great win! Love seeing all those credits you had in the slot too. 🙂

  6. Awesome run ! Beautiful win !!

  7. I like this old game. Sometimes it pays very well.

  8. Nice hits you got on the bonus. Glad it was a positive stink. 🙂

  9. That's one hell of a Tito you built up from $100 investment! Can't wait to see the other videos!

  10. Wow, big bet, big win! Congrats Mike

  11. Courageous bet! I like to play these with less lines because no matter what all 100 lines are active during the free spins but you gotta be lucky enough to have those bonus symbols line up on the limited amount of lines you are playing.

  12. I love STINKING RICH, and sometimes it likes me,lol… CONGRATS !!!!

  13. That was incredible!…I HAVE to try it like this now, that's all to it!.. Just once!My 4yr old.. she was like.. "clap for him, he got all the skunks!.. LOL.. kids!Congratz CMNJ!…Many More!…

  14. Wow!!!! Nice bonus Mike, one of my favorite slots. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow amazing run wish I could find a machine that would let me play for long periods of time congrats

  16. The classic IGTs are still paying well! Very nice stinkin rich bonus win Mike! 🙂

  17. Nice win!!! This is probably one of my favorite slots!:)

  18. Beautiful win Mike. Are these at the locals? I been looking for it in A.C.

  19. Beautiful win.

  20. Awesome bonus even better is the credits you had. Nicely done

  21. nice 700$ , but super big win naw

  22. well done, great run indeed! used to love this game 9 years ago!!

  23. WOWZA Mike!!! Congrats! LOVE this game at 2 cent! When its paying its SO FUN but it can be a REAL STINKER just like its name ha!!! Thanks for sharing Fun!

  24. nice win, that spin with the wasted wilds was killer tho, and missing 30 and 35 spin retriggers ugh… i know the feeling 🙁

  25. Huge win! Nice looking credits you had there too! Big congrats on that beautiful win! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Awesome win, congrats

  27. My Favorite Classics Stinking Rich !good Luck congrats!!keep playing this slot is big chance to hit really big !!!

  28. Tremendous run! Nice job Mike, great win on a personal favorite.

  29. wow, did I hear that right, $100 in? if so I'd say that's one hell of run your having

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