Storm & O Fortuna — Electric Violin | Caitlin De Ville

Storm & O Fortuna — Electric Violin | Caitlin De Ville

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Caitlin De Ville — Electric Violinist

Caitlin De Ville performs Storm & O Fortuna at the South African Sports Awards 2011 [ad_2]

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  1. Bravissima! Da brivido!

  2. You are an amazing. Good energy, sensational.❤️

  3. that old venessa mae flashbacks im getting

  4. O fortuna velut luna
    statu variabilis…Are you like the moon Caitlin?

  5. Linda, linda, linda. Parabéns .

  6. Você é admirável, seja muito feliz

  7. U superb 🙂 I just want to know something "What is the best combination of 5 instruments for a instrumental band" (need to choose 5 instruments in these following instruments :- violin, cello, drum, saxophone, flute, keyboard, electric guitar.) tx

  8. Superb Performance!

  9. Simplemente Bestial!!… Magnífica interpretación…

  10. Grandioso una meraviglia

  11. I love you so much…..

  12. Me encanta

  13. Przepiękna gra

  14. 🙂

  15. :O

  16. Un seul mot l'excellence

  17. isn't first part "autumn vivaldi" ???

  18. Hey I like that version of Storm!. Great Job. Another version of Storm I like is by Amedeus — 4 Female band; 3 string and 1 keyboard and they synced a real electric storm to parts of the music. Check it out too.

  19. This young lady is an astounding musician. I've been a fan of the electric violin for 40 years and Caitlin is one of the best that  I've had the pleasure to watch and hear…BRAVO!!!

  20. wow perfect, I like both O fortuna and violin (prefer Violoncello as I like dramatic bass) much, found this my a nice mistake, wanted "Storm Villeman" but wrote Storm Vill"

  21. Awesome style!

  22. I love them both. Plus her incredible talent takes them to a new level. Love you Cait!!!!

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