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Streamers Biggest Wins – #11 / 2019

Streamers Biggest Wins – #11 / 2019

The FINAL COUNTDOWN has begun!
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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 11 of 2019. Including wins by casino streamers between the 11th and 17th of March 2019.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Spintwix
01:08 — DCT Slot Channel
02:57 — Miikapekka
04:52 — JJCasino
05:27 — Dmcjordan
08:03 — Supersmask
11:41 — Slotspinner
13:43 — The Bandit

Featured games:
Primal Megaways
Genie Jackpots Megaways
Viking Wilds
The Grand
Vikings Unleashed Megaways
Jungle Spirit
Reel King

34 комментария

  1. Who the fuck gambles 8000 like it's nothing lel

  2. Only one Legitimate streamer on this opload.

  3. The bandits videos are so much bullshit these days, I refuse to believe them.

  4. Bandit army woooo

  5. Could you pls write the name of track in the bandit's part (while those sevens were spinning) ?

  6. The bandit has no respect for money what an a class cunt

  7. i hate the way that bandit speaks… bloody uk accent

  8. I hate so much the "get in there"

  9. 568x on Genie Not worth it to show !

  10. Bandit can go suck his mom. The fake prk

  11. What I'm not getting is that 250x is a biggest win. I would say above 1000x since most under is fast gambled away again.
    Great video anyways.

  12. bandit my absolute fave nice guy v funny

  13. Loved the edit of the bonus clip. Well done Mr editor 🙂

  14. Banditslots always entertaining to me!!

  15. replaced shirox with russain shirox. Nice..

  16. JUST…. DO IT! (hashtag Nike)

  17. Take it and win. Money and success are just a Temporary thing.

  18. anyone that watches the Bandit knew he was going to gamble that. That man has nuts the size of watermelons. He is the best.

  19. ask slot spiner to show the witraw amount aprowed . and Nick slots not pending. approved

  20. Ace edit job on Bandit's clip… but where was the CasinoGrounds-style subtitles for the Russian dude? 🙂

  21. Lets be honest, all this are played with fake money, they are acting all the time. They are all giving us view that is possible to live from gamling, massive winnings all the time, always to streamers , thats simple not possible. They are never losing ??? ROSHTEIN won over half milion so far , but HE IS STILL STREAMING ???!!!! Why FFS ??!!! And you will find out what is true when you deposit your money ! I am playing online slots all the time, I am not complain about my losses, but max win I have was maybe 600x , in one year !!! And stake was about 0.5 cents….on the other side streamers have wins 2000x-5000x all the time, and with stakes like 5-10euros per spin !!! again always same guys !!! They are not here to have a fun, go to every casino and read affilate program ! So if you register true their link they will give you some extra bonus spins etc, but when you lose 1k for example , 5-10% goes to them !!! Regards from ex streamer !!!

  22. Wow slotspinner with a huge win, what a surprise got to keep the streamers going eh casino who endorse that never happens for us regular folk

  23. 6:48 russian shirox is action.

  24. That bonus at the end with Mr bandit was very well done guys with the edit

  25. I saw a 600000x win on stream recently!

  26. Tha video editors need a raise for that one

  27. That Bandit edit though, TOP NOTCH MR EDITOR!!!

  28. Haha bandit is the king of these

  29. Why is the bandit add to these videos? , nothing but irresponsible gambling, why is casino ground part of that is beyond me and throught u promoted responsible gambling?

  30. Sad fuck putting in 250x videos get lost

  31. Meanwhile bandit has failed 99 of 100 times to gamble on reel king.

  32. like for last edit 🙂

  33. was our 3300x temple treasures not big enough?? lol

  34. Fake

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