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Streamers Biggest Wins – #17 / 2019

Streamers Biggest Wins – #17 / 2019

Have you heard about the brand new extremely volatile slot «Dead or Alive 2»? Right now we’re giving tons of free spins to the community for both new and existing players registered through CasinoGrounds as well as a competition with a total prize pool of €1500!
You’ll find all the information you need here:

The biggest slot wins on stream for week 17 of 2019. Including wins by casino streamers between the 22th and 28st of April 2019.

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Slotspinner — Dead or Alive 2
03:11 — Apehehe — Vikings Unleashed
04:59 — Miikapekka — The Final Countdown
06:12 — Craig Slots — Vikings
07:22 — SuperSmask — Wild Heist
09:47 — Fruity Slots — Jammin’ Jars
13:51 — Jarttu84 — Dead or Alive 2
16:46 — Teukka — Vikings Unleashed
19:09 — LetsGiveItASpin — Super Sic Bo

24 комментария

  1. I would invite one of this phenomenons in my house,with my account,my PC and my money..and i'd like to see if they have the same money cash…totally fake…don't believe to this shit…

  2. I‘m Surprised Jarttu84 didnt fake a 35x Wildline after the Fake Scatters

  3. neg for the fake shit at 14:30 onwards

  4. final countdown are you fucking kidding me?! is that ONLY 500x???? haha fucking shit game

  5. Im starting to believe that most of the streamers must have some kind of deal with the casino's. And even if they don't I think the casino's still let the streamers with a lot of viewers hit more and bigger then normal players

  6. Nice boots on slotspinners Mrs

  7. Why include fake streamers like jarrtu.

  8. slotspinner=fakespinner. sponsored guys. big win here big win there. bla bla bla

  9. how does this jarttu fella win thousands upon thousands every other day ?? max bet spins on nearly every clip I've seen..if you can afford to play like that then you don't even need to be playing in the first place, unrealistic as fuck no wonder people slate you ya gimp

  10. Fuun

  11. only streamers win with 3-5$ bet 1000-3000x why i cant win like this ? i play 5 years..

  12. That final countdown hit looked soo much more

  13. Im fucking sick of these dickhead streamers constantly getting wins left right and center. Its never a normal gambler having a win always these cunts

  14. I mean, not unexpected to see some big DOA2 hits, but given these clips feature such a small pool of regular players it does seem a bit of a statistical anomaly that there has been an 8x wildline and 5-scatter trigger already, given how rare both occurrences are meant to be. Appreciate the volume they play (thanks to affiliate income and generous bonuses) means they will always hit a greater number of 'jackpot' spins and bonuses on games than the average player, but off a relatively small number of spins so soon after such a big release?

  15. great compilation,DOA2 smashing in some big wins….

  16. e poi cisono io,che gioco,gioco,gioco e rigioco e non vinco mai una guallera

  17. Fruity Slots sounds as fick as f*ck. Barely able to speak English

  18. these reactions…finnish is a language never to learn they sound so annoying don't know why.
    Anyway Wish I was finnish with a sponsorship, bumfluff, annoying incel-like personality and the x5000 wins would just pile.

  19. Remember affiliate money is fake money,its not their own money.

  20. boom wildlineeeee

  21. Some nice hits there, gratz to all…………… Reggie slipping in the Bonus clip at the end…………… make mine a Triple Sec………. 🙂 and Reggie will get a new key ring

  22. The little rAT wins yet again, what a surprise. Sure it’s not Shirox in disguise

  23. Streamers hitting huge again.. Wow. Shock horror, especially on
    new games.. Wonder if the casinos tell them they are being used.. I mean.. The steamers are legit of course.

  24. God I wish Dead or Alive 2 would be this good to me. Had a few bonuses so far and the biggest it's given me is 18x :-/ Brutal!

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