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Streamers Biggest Wins – #21 / 2020

Streamers Biggest Wins – #21 / 2020

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 21 of 2020. Including wins by casino streamers between the 18th and 24th of May 2020.

Featured streamers:
00:00 — Intro
00:05 — @David Labowsky — Casino Streamer — Cazino Zeppelin
03:17 — ShaneTSGTV — Book of Gods
05:24 — @Spintwix Streamer — Hellcatraz
06:01 — Locoslots — Razor Shark
06:59 — Bigc — Ramses Book
07:42 — Takethehit — Book of Dead
09:31 — Rosey reels — Riders of the Storm
11:21 — Jarttu ( Money Train
13:27 — Dumbros — Jammin Jars [ad_2]

34 комментария

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  2. adhs people in stream chat ,,HelLo YouTuBe!!!,, cracked kids

  3. de bigest trap for people casino is a dead

  4. feake
    reklam tu casinio olweys

  5. 🙂

  6. 13:38 Québec tabarnak!

  7. That Labowski dude. You see a grown man, but when he opens his mouth it's like you hear a 13 year old gril. What a whining and annoying guy.

  8. Why u didnt upload mine one, i dont know

  9. Why didn't you include CasinoDaddy and Masse's 9800x on Jammin Jars?

  10. Grats to dumbros on the Twitch ban as well for hitting that pipe live :'D idiots

  11. 26k und der freut sich nicht richtig ??? irgendwas ist da komisch 😀

  12. Good to see a low stake streamer make it

  13. What was the first game?

  14. 6:19. Show only real wins. A 1000x win is nice but can he buy a car from 200 euro?

  15. If Labowsky would be the only casino streamer he`d put me off gambling for life. He`s such a c*ckhead…

  16. 97% fake streamers. Imagine thinking Jartu playing with real money :D:D:D:D

  17. Jarttu needs to do everyone a favour and fuck off. Fakest guy on the internet

  18. I never win these big Xs only a few 100-500x

  19. Just out of curiosity. How come Rosh clips never make it here? Im new to slots. Thanks guys 🙂

  20. How scummy does casinogrounds have to get. First they promoted videos of gamblers smoking cigarettes on stream, now they promote drug taking on stream too (even if it is legal there)

  21. I won $500in book of ra fo $1 2books and the explorer lined up together in 2 spins… that would have been huge if $5 a spin, still i lost the at same time. Whether those streamers are playing for real and still the house will always win.

  22. love people that come to these videos just to moan about streamers playing slots, like fuck me you're sat here watching it why the fuck you moaning about it? Go do something else if you don't like it

  23. I prefer to see players playing actual stakes… like most of people do

  24. dumbros.. yes.. smokin inside, what a joke

  25. cash: 360 , bet 0,2…what a badass

  26. Streamers the best actor bravooo

  27. That jammin jars win at the end looked like soo much fun hahah I would love to have a massive hit with my buddy

  28. Am I crazy or is Jammin Jars paying out HUGE wins lately? I feel like I see a new huge win in Jammin every few days

  29. I swear jarttu’s head gotten bigger hah

  30. At 3:24 it said Book of Gods. Have I missed something? Just wondering because I thought that BTG made Book of Gods but what I saw was a different book slot. Great work as always though with editing and special effects 🙂

  31. Casinodaddy — Masse won 100k in jamming jars.

  32. What a bullshit
    I've never seen such manipulative money-making. most players are employees who work for this provider

  33. 13:35 is this guy smoking crack onstream?

  34. what a waste of win. 1000x for .20euro. shame. shouldnt be playing. stop betting such a low stake. its disgusting. like 200 euro will take u somewhere for that reaction. i find it annoying people tend to watch streamers with that stake…

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