Streamers Biggest Wins – #22 / 2018

Streamers Biggest Wins – #22 / 2018

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 22 of 2018! This video includes wins by casino streamers from the 28th of May to the 4th of June 2018.

Currencies compared to £ (British Pound):
£1 = €1.14 (Euro)

Featured streamers:
00:05 — Shirox1980
02:24 — Slotspinner
06:39 — The Bandit
09:14 — Miikapekka
10:23 — Craig’s Slot Sessions
12:36 — JarttuSlot
17:40 — David Labowsky [ad_2]

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  1. Did they play with real money?

  2. Only people with big losses get big wins

  3. nice wins again the week — love your videocuts

  4. shirox du bist so arrogant mit nichts zufrieden

  5. Anyone know what happened to David Labowskys channel? It's gone!

  6. Fake — poor acting when big wins occur.
    Bandit is probably half real

  7. That last guy is the gayest person I have ever seen
    Fück him

  8. I watch a lot of content from a lot of streamers and have to say there only seems to be 2 or 3 genuine guys playing with real money anyone that watches rocknrolla or the bandit will see that they have a similar run of luck to us normal players and might cash out one in ten or 20 sessions so are obvs genuine players … where as everyone else is hitting big cashouts weekly …. sheep will say that streamers get these big wins more often then normal players because they do tens of thousands of spins but i dont care the more i watch the more i see … id also say kim is genuine …. nick and craig lawbosky are the least genuine followed by jimbo ….. anyone that watches nickslots needs there head looked at because hes an absolute ginger twat and is the most boring person on youtube and craigs simply the fattest person on youtube full stop

  9. last one is the bullshit one

  10. Why do you put these fake boring cunts in your videos? What a waste of space, Jarrtu and Shirox, pair of bellends

  11. I find David labowski the most boring and dislikeable human on earth. Every time he says “get paid” I want to put my fist through my screen and as for everyone commenting in the live stream saying ‘amazing’ and ‘omg’, you aren’t going to see one penny of the win so why even bother.

  12. Heheheh still going strong this streamers :). i have a friend make 47 deposite and 2-4% procent bet size with variuos games and providers choice he played. He won 3 time 100% on 3 deposite and rest he won under all deposites or 15 % over or less on 10 deposites. . best win was 220x . Just freaking terrible chances on slottracker stats 🙂

  13. How does one not implode after what happened on that last one?

  14. WIFE!

  15. I made a comment abu David and his bedroom antics last week gettttt paiiiidddd, now I cant watch him without thinking that he should be a porno star gettttttttttttt ppaaaaaaiiiiiidddddddd orgasmic win.

  16. bandit is only normal dude

  17. Am i the only one who finds labowsky more enoying then shirox for example? no offense

  18. Video starts at 2:35

  19. Excellent teasing

  20. if i deposit 2k its gone in 2 hours playing 1 Euro Spins.. hmmm

  21. Congrats to DavidLabowski :)))

  22. Great hits, congrats!

  23. Get paayyydddd, awesome hit Dave labowski, good on u.

  24. still waiting for my tea

  25. Have to say Shriox is one of the luckiest streamers out there also never grateful about winning big

  26. I find it hard to get interested in any of the wins when they're betting such stupid amounts, 8 euro, 12 euro spins, yeah you got a gambling problem.

  27. Faker

  28. And another Viedeo with Wins, a regular Player would never ever see. Edit : Fuck Gaybowksi, acting as worse as Nickslots Fake Gambler. And how can this Jarttu idiot really think pll would belive his Videos wouldnt be rigged 24/7 omg

  29. 2:30 to skip the bad part

  30. The last 2 clips, RIGGED! Why cant it be rigged for me? ;_;

  31. Soon casino Grounds Will be banned from Youtube also. That day will also be a great day.

  32. Good lord shirox is a miserable twat

  33. gotta love the bandit!

  34. 2:30 to skip Shitox

  35. do'nt put that fake ass jarttu in, he's playing with fake money.

  36. Skip Shirox button ⏩ 2:30.

  37. last one WTF?????????????????????

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