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Streamers Biggest Wins – #22 / 2020

Streamers Biggest Wins – #22 / 2020

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 22 of 2020. Including wins by casino streamers between the 25th and 31st of May 2020.

Featured streamers:
00:00 — Intro
00:05 — Kongebonus — 300 Shields Extreme
04:05 — @Play4Win. Casino Streamer — Hellcatraz
04:48 — Jamjarboy — Shield of Athena
07:31 — @The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel — Millionaire mystery box
10:40 — BigC — Jurassic Park
12:02 — @Craig Slots — Jammin Jars
14:31 — @Jack’s Gambling Channel (Daskelelele) — Wild Frames
16:05 — Omegaslots — Lil Devil
19:45 — @LetsGiveItASpin — Casino Streamer — Monopoly Live [ad_2]

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  2. The bandit doesn't deserve to win if he even thinking about gambling on 30k just fuckin greedy

  3. oh i love the new segmented time lines thanks for that one

  4. Wanker

  5. Que pesado es el daskelele madre mía no aguanto sus gritos

  6. i'm not sure it's fair wins… my personal experience is awful all the time

  7. streamers win epic win…. i get 2x in the bonus

  8. Are there any REAL USA Online Casinos out there with potential references and / or proof? Doesn’t have to be mobile but that’s always a plus. I’m sick of seeing these streamers who are clearly sponsored by the companies and they let them use money just to get peoples hopes up. I’m looking for an unbiased source. Preferably.

  9. Bandits gonna press the next big gamble coz he's gonna think casino grounds made him look like a pussssaayyy lool

  10. 6:34 the guy magicly turned into stewie Griffin

  11. The bandit was like 65k down until he hit that then was only 8 k down. hahaha he even said

  12. The editing is just top fucking notch honestly, brilliant!

  13. Love these vids, huge congratz to all you streamers!

  14. You must choose, and choose wisely. Brilliant!

  15. Imagine being so desparate that you put your 28x win in the video just so you can show yourself. Fuck off letsgiveitascam

  16. No Dick slots, Pikey (Rosie) Reels, or Labowski, therefore one of your better compilations

  17. The Bandit is by far my fav streamer. Nick would bore the bollox of ya “ WHAT WHAT WHAT” sick of listening to him

  18. Fast jedes Video die selben Leute … langsam wird’s langweilig

  19. Jamjar bot goes from being crazy about wins on 50p stakes to legit not being even remotely excited for 6k wins. Suspect as fuck

  20. How TF do you gamble twice on that kind of scratch? That guy has balls of steel.

  21. The Bandit’s such a pussy. He needs to learn to take a risk.

  22. bandit the king no question however you cant count gambling the total win as total x winnings you casino ground fuckers !! do you know any other gambler does that ?!!well it was one of the rare ones he didnt chase summit . love you king

  23. hahahah that swedish 300shields dude, even though I don't understand anything he still cracked me up, what a nice dude 😀

  24. Wow just 30 grand and heads gone. buy a lottery ticket win real money

  25. I love casino grounds

  26. Good actor bravo

  27. How can you have not reaction to winning over 1000x?? That guy who was second must of been playing freeplay/demo…that just isn't a reaction of a normal person!

  28. Entertaining, but 100% fake, it’s all about the deal that streamers have with the Casinos

  29. hello ♣CasinoGrounds love your videos ♥

  30. Tbh, i get sick and tired of watching bandit throwing all his money down the drain in a gamble to get more money. He also moans all the fucking time when he doesn't get to the top. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FUCKFACE, TAKE THE MONEY AND GO.

  31. Why are none of them black don’t casinos sponcer black peoples

  32. Bandit is awesome. You just know that if he wasn't down at that point, he'd have went for the top.

  33. Did someone just run over the second guy's dog? What a miserable fuck.

  34. Kim: "EHRENMANNNN" haha epic!

  35. i see, nobody wants to be place 4? so CasinoGrounds… 4!

  36. Good vids

  37. Kongebonus ❤️

  38. The millionaire mystery box guy.. the fact he gambled 3 times lmfao

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